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Boston Police Apprehend Copps Hill Pellet Gun Shooters

Following up on the pellet gun incidents around Copps Hill burial ground, a neighbor provides an updated report of multiple arrests by Boston Police.

A Boston Police officer called to tell me that the gun shot pellet incident occurred again.  This time from the Hertz garage into an apartment on Prince St.  I was informed that an officer on foot apprehended three kids on the top of the Brinks Garage/Hertz Garage.  The neighbor from Prince St. identified the shooter and I understand that these kids were arrested.  The 15 year old shooter had prior offenses and is being held.  The other two kids, age unknown, are North End residents.  I was not privy to any of the “offenders” names nor do I know their outcome.

Bravo to our Boston Police.  Our neighborhood appreciates your efforts!  Feeling a bit safer these days!

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