Cross Street Pedestrian Plaza – Traffic Restrictions Now In Effect


The City of Boston is piloting a new program to restrict vehicular access along Cross Street from Hanover to Salem Street.  Under this program vehicles will no longer have access to the center sidewalk area.  This will greatly enhance the pedestrian experience for the hundreds of residents and tourists who use this sidewalk daily and presently have to navigate through parked cars and moving traffic.

Since the completion of the Central Artery Project, this sidewalk has been cordoned off by bollards which created a zone in the middle of the sidewalk for general parking, deliveries and overnight resident parking.  Under this plan the city will be closing the vehicular entrances to this area.

The Boston Transportation Department, working with Boston City Councillor Sal LaMattina and State Representative Aaron Michlewitz, presented a number of alternatives for improvements at two public meetings held recently in the North End.  The pilot that is being implemented gained the overall support of the community members in attendance.

“The creation of a pedestrian plaza along this corridor will enable visitors and residents to more fully enjoy the charm of the historic North End and the Freedom Trail”, stated Mayor Thomas M. Menino.  “These improvements will also allow local business to attract more customers and expand outdoor opportunities.”

Boston District One City Councillor Sal LaMattina stated his support of the plaza by adding, “The North End and Cross Street in particular has seen increased pedestrian traffic this pedestrian plaza will enable increased safety and the potential for additional outdoor activities.”  State Representative Aaron Michlewitz endorsed the project by stating, “The situation on Cross Street has been a major public safety issue. The creation of a pedestrian plaza will allow for a safer and friendlier environment for residents and visitors alike.”

The Boston Transportation Department will monitor the impacts and success of these enhancements and will strictly enforce the regulations governing the use of the pedestrian area along Cross Street.

City of Boston Contact: Jim Mansfield, 617-635-2447

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3 Replies to “Cross Street Pedestrian Plaza – Traffic Restrictions Now In Effect

  1. I noticed tonight that a chain was attached to the poles so NO CARS could enter and believe me it was a relief to know that now children and tourists as well as the North End residents and all the pooches can walk without worrying if a car is behind them. To see NO cars parked there was also a relief. This is the way it should of been from the beginning. Now I feel safe and I can walk with my human companion without worrying. Freeway Simboli

  2. The sidewalk has been RESTORED to use as a sidewalk. Despite what the press release states, this was used as a sidewalk before the bollards suddenly appeared. The sidewalk is being returned to its previous state, which was destroyed when It was great, and should be fully returned to use as a sidewalk…

  3. This is so nice, the way it should be. I have avoided the area and found other places for lunch and shopping after having several bad experiences with cars and trucks making pedestrians feel so unwelcome on the sidewalk. With so much of Boston set aside for vehicle storage and driving, it is great to have this part back. The improvement to the freedom trail is enormous.

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