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“Viva! St. Agrippina” Film Screening

StAggripinaPoster“Viva! Saint Agrippina” is a documentary that takes place in Boston’s historic North End. Since 1914, the Saint Agrippina Benefit Society have been hosting an annual feast in honor of the martyred Saint, a tradition which originated in Mineo, Sicily. Society Members tell the tales of Saint Agrippina’s short and tragic life. Rather than exhibiting any heavy religious point of views this film focuses on the stories of Her devoted members and how She inspires them to reunite each year to celebrate family, friends and this age-old Sicilian tradition. “Viva! Saint Agrippina” takes you through the precedings of the feast from pre-planning, behind the scenes, and finally to the lively 3-Day event which takes place each year on the first weekend of August.

Filmmaker Chris Di Nunzio
Filmmaker Chris Di Nunzio

Jim Sullivan interviews filmmaker Chris Di Nunzio about how this film is unlike his previous work.

“It is completely different,” he says. “The content of this film is completely on the opposite side of the spectrum as compared to my other films. Most people that know me know that I usually prefer to do films with a darker edge.  There is nothing dark about this film. In fact, I just realized this is my only film that is safe to show to families, which makes me laugh!  This film was very personal to me so it didn’t matter to me that it was outside the box for me.

Stuart Street Playhouse
Thursday July 22 at 7:30
$10, at the door only

200 Stuart St., 617-426-4499

The 2010 St. Agrippina Feast is scheduled for the weekend of July 31st. See the Feast Schedule.

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  1. As a younger man I was one of the many who did carry the Saint around the streets of the North End and and with her stand she is very heavy. You will blister and hurt for days after. But that was long ago. Her crown and other gold was was bought by the friends PVT. Stephen Steriti who was KIA in Viet Nam on mothers day 1967.The only person from the North End to be give his life, He did so to save others in his unit. He charged 3 machine gun nest alone before being killed. He was my cousin but more like my brother.

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