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Chiofaro Presents Shadow Study on Harbor Garage Site

Artist rendering of proposed “Waterfront Plaza” on Harbor Garage site (Source: Chiofaro Company)

In the latest round of news regarding the fate the Harbor Garage site, developer Don Chiofaro supported his plan for 600’ high towers by releasing a shadow study indicating minimal negative impact versus the proposed BRA 200’ height guidelines. From a Banker & Tradesman article,

“According to Chiofaro’s own study, all shadows associated by a building of any size disappear from the Greenway by noon every day, and almost entirely by 11 a.m. Additionally, net new shadows on the Greenway lasting longer than an hour cast by a building above the currently allowed height of 155 feet “are minimal.”

Tom Palmer, a spokesman for Harbor Tower residents, responded in a statement,

“The shadow studies the developer conducted are for two months of the year, and even if that information is accurate we are certainly concerned about the other five sixths of the year.”

The Boston Redevelopment Authority also seemed to dismiss the study, according to a Boston Herald article quoting BRA spokesperson Susan Elsbree,

“It’s better saved for one of his press conferences because it does not respond to the scoping determination and offers fictional solutions, such as an 800-car floating garage in Boston Harbor, instead of thorough, thoughtful analysis.”

Next, the Chiofaro company will look to the Federal Aviation Administration for a “No Hazard” ruling regarding the safety of flights in and out of Logan airport.

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