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Trash Violations Spotted

Alisa Caras writes in with a trash photo and suggestion to fellow landlords:

“I often see trash violations walking around the North End.  I finally took photos of what I commonly see, this taken last Friday night at 7:30 pm.  One thing I would recommend landlords to do if they haven’t already is to print the trash sheet and distribute to their tenants.  We own two properties in the North End.  I distributed the trash sheet and a letter to each tenant outlining the rules.  We will also post the rules in the main entrance to each building.  Thank you. ” Regards, Alisa  (a concerned future resident of the North End)”


Click for the Clean Streets Trash Tips Sheet (pdf)

Property owners should also be aware that the Green Ticket law goes into effect this week.

One Reply to “Trash Violations Spotted

  1. Alisa,

    Thanks for this. I wonder if it’s time for the City to send around the fact sheet they did when the black bags started (it might be the one you attached in this article.) I really think some newer residents don’t know all the rules.

    Also, the fact sheet should be amended to include which streets don’t have recycling; my street doesn’t because the truck can’t fit down it!

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