Community Transportation

Future of Greenway Ramp Parcels

North End Ramp Parcel Propsed Site for Urban Nursery (Photo by Matt Conti)

The future of the “ramp parcels” on the Rose Kennedy Greenway is discussed in Casey Ross’ article in the Boston Globe (May 16, 2010). 

The ramps cannot be left as is. Under the terms of the Big Dig permit, the state is legally obligated to cover them. Moreover, they create gaping holes that disrupt the flow of the Greenway, in places forcing pedestrians to detour around them and showering the park with traffic noise.

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz, whose district includes the North End, has filed legislation that would provide public funds to defray the costs of building over the ramps. But even if no buildings get built, he said, the state must find a way to cover the ramps.

“It’s a noise thing and an aesthetics thing for the people of the North End,’’ said Michlewitz.

On the urban nursery:

On the parcel near Faneuil Hall that was to host the Boston Museum, the conservancy is proposing to plant a half-acre tree nursery, and paint a mural to liven the concrete walls of the ramp there.

Regarding the proposed YMCA:

YMCA officials said they are still trying to raise about $20 million for a four-story, 75,000-square-foot building over the ramps along North Washington Street. But they are well short of the goal.