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Clean Streets Meeting Agenda – Tuesday, May 18th

The next Clean Streets Meeting is Tuesday, May 18th at 7:00pm at the Nazzaro Center.  

Some of the agenda items are:

  • Next Good Neighbor Recognition’ Award(s) and who is going to present it (please send in your nominations to or bring them with you to the meeting.  Remember, these are people you ‘see’ consistently cleaning every day.)
  • Chris Young from the Chamber has the new magnets with the Trash Tips and will be bringing them to the meeting.
  • North End Cleanup Program and how it is progressing.
  • Liaison Reports on Business, Realtors, and Rodents

There is always a lot to talk about so come be part of the discussion and solution.

Naomi Paul
Patricia Thiboutot
Co-chairs, Clean Streets

More information can be found at