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Alissa Cohen Closes Prince Street Raw Food Restaurant “Grezzo”

GrezzoWindowGrezzo, the raw food restaurant on Prince Street, has closed. Owner Alissa Cohen, posts on her blog that although the North End spot was a financial success, the rat race of owning 2 restaurants (North End & Newburyport) in addition to her books and teachings was just not fun anymore.

“I’m focusing on what brings me abundance but in a more balanced, joyful way and taking into account how I want to live my life. And, I’m letting go of what is not serving me. It’s sad to see Grezzo go, first because of the amazing food and how many life’s it has touched. People who did not even know raw food existed or who would not actively seek out a book, would just stumble across this amazing restaurant in the heart of Boston and realize how incredible raw food is. It’s sad because I know it helped people in the area stay raw and brought joy to traveling raw foodies! But, I had to stop holding on because of the “shoulds”. Closing the restaurants’ didn’t really make sense to a lot of friends and family and people I’ve told, but it made sense to me. In my soul. And if I can’t practice what I preach, then I can’t teach it to others.”

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