LaMattina Asks Citizens to Fill Out 2010 Census Form

LaMattinaFaceShotA Message from Sal LaMattina, Boston City Councilor, District 1

Dear Friends:

Democracy is at its best when citizens actively take part in civic life, such as voting and serving on a jury. Another way to participate – one that is quick and easy – is by filling out the census form. Though it may seem like a simple task, it’s also a rather important one.

The Constitution mandates that the federal government make a thorough tally of the nation’s population every ten years, and the 2010 census is well under way. In some areas of the country participation is at 80%; however, as I write this fewer than 30% of Boston’s households have returned their forms.

Residents throughout the city should make it a priority to be counted in the census. Not only are Congressional districts apportioned by population, but federal funds are distributed based on how many people live in a given city, county or state. Therefore, money used to provide important services – services that benefit everyone in the city – could be in jeopardy unless we all complete and return the census forms.

I urge the residents of every neighborhood in Boston to take a few seconds to do this today. It is the simplest of civic duties, yet one with far-reaching implications. Boston deserves to get its fair share of funding for federal programs, but that will only happen if each person is counted.

I also want to remind all residents that street sweeping started across the city today. Please allow public works to do its job by not parking on streets during days and times designated for cleaning. Do not hesitate to contact my office via email or at 617-635-3200 if you have any questions regarding these or any other matters.


Salvatore LaMattina
District 1 City Councilor