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Clean Streets Committee Introduces “Good Neighbor Recognition Award”



 Clean Streets Committee
Good Neighbor Recognition Award

NEWRA’s Clean Streets Committee will now be recognizing businesses in our neighborhood who are good neighbors and take pride in the appearance of their business by keeping their sidewalk and especially gutters clean and clear of trash.

Nominations will come from committee members, residents and the businesses themselves and can be sent to or at the address below.  Winners will be determined at the monthly Clean Streets meeting.  More than one business can be a winner and a business can win more than once.  Our first winner(s) will be selected during the month of April 2010.

To honor the winners, the committee will award a Good Neighbor Certificate of Recognition.  In addition, The Regional Review, and will promote the winner(s) by placing a photo of their business(s) in the paper and on the websites.  This recognition will also encourage both residents and visitors to frequent their establishments.

Our committee will do our part by continuing to educate and encourage residents to keep their sidewalks AND gutters clean and properly put out trash and recycling during the designated hours.

We look forward to a neighborhood of many winners!

Clean Streets Committee
Co-Chairs: Naomi Paul, Patricia Thiboutot
PO Box 130319
Boston, MA 02113