You have been waiting with baited breath, and it is finally here. The NEW North End Trash Sheet! Here is the link to the pdf version or click on the image below to enlarge it.


Click on the image above to enlarge. Created by NEWRA’s Clean Streets Commitee. Thanks to Tina Busa for her work on this project.

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  1. I think the flyer has a mistake… The top page says place trash out after 5 PM, however the 2nd page says place trash out after 6 PM. The 6 PM should be corrected to 5…

  2. John, You are correct. It turns out the second sheet was not an official sheet, but rather a summary made by a local real estate agent. I deleted the second sheet from the post, leaving just the main sheet which has all the information on it. The official regulation is to place trash out after 5:00 pm. Thanks, Matt

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