North End Dog Group Survey

The North End Dog Group has become a very active constituency within our neighborhood, especially as they work toward the creation of a dog park.  They are doing a survey and asking neighborhood dog owners to participate. Anya Potter leads up the dog group and shares the following message.

Dear Dog Members,

As responsible dog owners, we are always trying to ensure that our dogs get proper socialization and exercise. A number of people have expressed interest in a dog park. That said, the first step in doing so is to get an idea of what the community wants and needs. Below is a link to a survey. It is brief and it would be greatly appreciated if you can take some time to fill it out. Also, please forward to friends who may not be in the dog group. You do not need to be a supporter of a dog park to complete it. The link is:

Thank you in advance for your time and keep warm and dry these days!