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Rep. Michlewitz Writes Op-Ed on Maiden Speech

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz, who represents the 3rd Suffolk District including the North End/Waterfront where he resides, wrote an op-ed in this week’s South End News, titled Why the Green Ticket Bill Was Worthy of a Maiden Speech.

“Tradition is a big part of the House of Representatives … From the way members address each other as Gentleman and Gentlelady to the Sacred Cod that hangs in the back of the Chamber that represents the Commonwealth’s initial reliance on the fishing industry and traditionally hangs in the direction of whichever party is in control of the House…”

“One of these lesser known traditions that I got to experience recently was that of the Maiden Speech. Every newly elected representative must choose one issue or bill that is important enough to him or her to make his or her first speech about on the House floor. A freshman representative may not speak on any other matters until he or she has made a Maiden Speech … I choose the Green Ticket Bill.”

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