Happy St. Valentine’s Day from Freeway

Freeway the Mascot and columnist for the Post-Gazette would like to wish all his readers and his pooch friends and especially NEWNC and NEWRA and all the committees that work so hard in the North End Community and of course his special girls at the Post-Gazette Pam, Frances, Joan and Lisa a “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!”

Thanks Marie!

2 Replies to “Happy St. Valentine’s Day from Freeway

  1. Freeway is adorable! We’ll have to make him a BostonZest Sunday Dog one of these weeks. We seem to be finding more and more handsome dogs on our North End visits lately.

  2. Dear Penny, Thank you for your comment and I know I am adorable, you should read my column every other week in the Post-Gazette and even better maybe you should write to me Attention: Freeway

    You can also find me at Sacred Heart Church every Sunday at the 9 o’clock Mass. I enjoy Father Claude and his sermons. He is such a nice priest. I am an very active pooch and I love the "North End".

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