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9 N. Margin St. Zoning Re-Application Supported by NEWNC

Back in 2006, Sal Tecce went through the community process to receive zoning relief to develop the lot at 9 N. Margin Street. But, he didn’t know he had to pull a permit within two years so the application expired despite the previous approval of the City’s Inspectional Services. So now, a new attorney, George Moranci, was back this week at the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council with the re-application.

The plan hasn’t changed since last time for a new 5 unit dwelling and a garage beneath, though still at the ground level. Plans are identical to the 2006 application, including the previous agreements made with the residents at 19 Widget St. The garage entrance and exit will be from and to N. Margin Street only, not from Wiget Street. Balconies on the N. Margin Street side of the building will not be built, per the ZBA’s previous proviso. The building height will be 54.50 feet, in accordance with the 55 feet maximum height limit.

One difference regarding groundwater is that, since 2006, this area has been incorporated into the Groundwater Conservation Overlay District. This means the developer will have to have groundwater engineering plans done and the Groundwater Commission approves the plans.

During the NEWNC meeting, a council member asked why the plans have not been updated to reflect the previous neighborhood agreements. Pasqua Scibelli, 19 Wiget Street, said the trustees of 19 Wiget are worried that the owner will sell the property to someone who would not feel bound by anything not in the plans. She wants to be sure that there are no balconies, and that there be no bay windows.

After a failed motion to table the matter, a conditional motion was made to support the application provided there will be no bay windows or balconies and the headhouse will be minimized. The council vote was 8-1 in support, with Luciana Burdi abstaining for conflict of interest. NEWNC supports the zoning relief application.