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Schopfer Pitches Floating City in Boston Harbor

Banker & Tradesman interviews Kevin Schopfer, founding partner of architectural firm, Ahearn | Schopfer and Assoc., about his recent pitch for a floating city in Boston Harbor, called “Boa.”


“Schopfer founded a company to market condos on Mars. He designs $100 million-plus yachts. His design for the new International UFO Museum is crowned with a cosmic wormhole. And he recently pitched multi-billion-dollar floating city designs for Boston and New Orleans. Boston’s would dock alongside Long Wharf, and contain housing and office space for 15,000 people.”

With the Chiofaro Company at a near standstill for nearby Harbor Garage, Schopfer defends the timing of his proposal, “With everybody talking about the renewal and revitalization of Boston, it’s a good time to project this to Boston. A floating city is very feasible. What we need to do is approach them as demonstration cities.”

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