More Help for Haiti

Sal LaMattina
Boston City Councilor, District 1


I am humbled by the response that came from you after the call went out for bottled water to send to Haiti. Some 2,500 cases were delivered to the shipyard in East Boston, most from neighborhood residents and civic groups. I’ve been told that the vessel’s departure is now scheduled for this Friday, and therefore there is time for more donations — specifically, baby formula and medical supplies are needed.

Let us make another concerted push here to send help directly to the Haitian people in their hours and days of need. If you could bring these items to the Boston Harbor Shipyard & Marina at the end of Marginal Street in East Boston, your efforts would be greatly appreciated. If you have questions you can reach the shipyard manager, Dan Noonan, at 617-567-8200 or 781-953-6786.

Again, I thank you for your compassion and generosity in the wake of this terrible catastrophe.


Salvatore LaMattina
District 1 City Councilor

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  1. Great idea but how is someone who does not have a car and does not want to rent one get to the East Boston shipyard with a case of baby formula or bottled water? Perhaps a convenient drop off point to a van might encourage more people to donate.

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