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Michlewitz Testifies at Groundwater Protection Hearing has the story from the State’s hearing on the Groundwater Protection Act.

“A large part of Boston is built on filled land, and buildings on that land are constructed on woodpiles for stability; when groundwater levels drop-typically a result of underground infrastructure like subways, sewers, and the Big Dig-these buildings are at risk for rotting foundations, housing violations, and even collapse.”

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz testified at the hearing and “urged legislators to be “proactive” in their approach to the problem statewide.”

“The best thing about this bill is that it would take a proactive approach to the situation throughout the Commonwealth, because we’ve taken a reactive approach to it in Boston throughout the past 10 years,” he said.

Michlewitz was a trustee of the Boston Groundwater Trust before his election as a State Representative for the 3rd Suffolk District which includes the North End and South End.

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