LULU’s Introduces Itself to Neighborhood Groups

Sandy Russo, a 25 year North End resident attended the recent NEWNC and NEWRA meetings to introduce a new retail candy store, LULU’s Sweet Shoppe at 57 1/2 Salem Street. The store will be in the location formerly occuped by Dairy Fresh Candies. LULU’s was previously on Hanover St. in the space where Lyndell’s now operates. The presentations were for information only since the location is already zoned for retail use. Russo will be offering cookies, brownies and cupcakes. The owner stated she has no intention of seeking an alcohol license.

The store is expected to open in January. In a few months, the owner may expand the products to be sold. Attorney Daniel Toscano who is representing Russo does not believe a zoning change will be required, but it is possible. Trash will be picked up daily and the sign will be flat on the building (no awning). Hours will be 8am-10pm.

Both neighborhood groups thanked Sandy for taking the time to stop by and wished her well with the new business.

2 Replies to “LULU’s Introduces Itself to Neighborhood Groups

  1. I am very excited to see this new venture moving in. The yoga girls were so nice, and I loved supporting them, so let me just say we miss them and they were awesome.

    It’s nice to see something new and different coming into the space. I hope they are successful! They’re getting some nice neighbors–as they are part of my condo trust. :O

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