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Globe Reports on Court Filing in DiMasi Case

The Globe summarizes a new court filing by prosecutors in the case against former House speaker and North End resident, Sal DiMasi.

Prosecutors say DiMasi “used his official position as speaker of the House to arrange for the passage of legislation in order to obtain financial benefits for himself and his co-conspirators.’’ The article notes that, “prosecutors for the first time offered their theory about a $250,000 line of credit that Vitale extended to DiMasi in the spring of 2006. The credit line, first disclosed by the Globe last year, was secured by a third mortgage on DiMasi’s North End condo.”

The filings are a response to a defense motion to dismiss because the “initial allegations unduly vague, ill-defined, and not fully explained. Defense lawyers argue that their clients did nothing wrong and that the money paid to DiMasi and the other defendants represented legitimate legal, consulting, or lobbying fees.”

Universal Hub posts the actual court filing here.