Charlestown Residents Complain of Cannon Shots


The Herald reports that residents around the Charlestown Navy Yard are complaining about the noise from the USS Constitution cannon shots. I have never heard a complaint on the North End/Waterfront, rather folks seem to like the historical acknowledgement. Per the article:

“Commanding Officer Timothy Cooper received the most recent complaint two weeks ago from neighbors suggesting naval officers assigned to the historic vessel eliminate the morning and evening blasts on weekends, reduce the size of the gunpowder charge and turn down the volume of the national anthem recording played during the daily flag raising and lowering ceremonies.

“The residential population and congestion of this area has (sic) grown significantly and, it seems to us, that the cannon charge/noise is excessive,” the unidentified resident first wrote in an Aug. 26, 2009, letter obtained by the Herald.”

7 Replies to “Charlestown Residents Complain of Cannon Shots

  1. Like someone in Florence or Rome complaining, "What’s with all the bells?!" I read that the commander was working with neighbors to minimize the disturbance, but I think if you do your due diligence before buying your condo, you should uncover such incidentals as cannon blasts twice daily. It’s not exactly a secret.

  2. The USS Constitution has been there for over 200 years. how long have these yuppies been living there ? Gedadaheah !

  3. I can well see how people living right in the Navy Yard wouldn’t want a cannon going off at dawn! I also think that while it’s of course not a "secret", it’s not something someone would ask before buying a condo there, "Uh, excuse me, Mr. Real Estate Agent, Do you have any cannons going off at dawn here?"

    I think the fair conclusion is to keep the cannon at dusk, but not at dawn.

  4. Did they not see the old ship in the water? It’s like moving onto Hanover St and then complaining about the number of restaurants or the bells ringing at St. Leonard’s Church.

    I agree with Bill,Go Sal!

  5. Susan,

    The morning cannon is at 8:00 a.m.–not dawn. This is a tradition that occurs on every Navy base throughout the world.


  6. When we we lived in the North End the cannon at dusk was the signal to our kids that it was time to leave the playground. It is a great tradition that should remain.

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