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Meeting to Address Late Night Activity

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz invites people to discuss the problems addressed in the recent Boston Globe article, “Culture Clash in the North End” at Thursday’s October 1st NEWNC Public Safety meeting at the Nazzaro Center (30 N. Bennet St.) at 6:30 pm. Check the Calendar for details on all upcoming meetings and events.

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3 Replies to “Meeting to Address Late Night Activity

  1. It would be great if Rep. Michlewitz would show some leadership and broker some sort of agreement. I’m imagining this is going to turn into a shouting match with no resolution and everyone leaving angrier than they came, but it would be nice to be proven wrong. I mean, don’t we elect our local leaders so that they can, you know, LEAD?

    Personally, I’d love to hear our neighborhood and city leaders come up with some proposals that go beyond, "Businesses are ruining the community" vs. "Neighbors who don’t like noise should move to Dover."

  2. North End resident for nearly two years. I do not note a high police presence in the NE. That is a good thing and for the most part not necessary. I do not like the idea of mandating to businesses what they should do to address the irresponsible behavior that occurs outside of their businesses. Businesses should be held accountable for their action or inaction inside their premises..and individuals for their actions on public streets. The solution is simple in my mind. From midnight to 3AM three BPD on foot patrol circling Hanover and Salem. Enforce existing nuisance and public intoxication laws accordingly with an additional fine payable to the NE Community Organizations (pick one or several). Customers can enjoy the NE until 4AM, but they better respect it on there way home or pay the consequences.

  3. The most constructive comments I saw in the Globe piece were those that talked about directing late night activity to the Downtown Crossing area. I think we should all get behind this idea. I don’t object to places being open late at night. I just think that we have enough such places in the North End already. If there is a need for the City in general to have more late night spots, I don’t see why the North End should bear more than it’s fair share of meeting that need. I would welcome leadership from our elected officials on this issue. In the past all we have gotten is platitudes about how we all have to get along and we all have to compromise. In the mean time certain restaurateurs have continued with empire-building at the expense of the residents. We have over 90 pouring establishments – we have enough!

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