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“Bottle Bill” Expansion Hearing

Massachusetts lawmakers are studying a potential expansion of the state’s 28-year-old beverage container deposit program, generating up to $20 million in new revenues. Among the changes proposed, the addition of bottled water, juice and sports drink containers to the existing redemption program could result in collecting an additional 1.5 billion containers a year. Currently beer, malt, carbonated soft drinks, & mineral water are the only containers covered. The amount of the deposit would stay 5 cents. Massachusetts has a redemption rate of 68.6%.


The Boston City Council’s Committee on Environment & Health will hold a hearing on Monday, October 5, 2009 at 3:00 PM in the Iannella Chamber on the fifth floor of the Boston City Hall.

The formal subject of the hearing is:
#1001  Resolution that the City Council supports and encourages our State Representatives, State Senators and Governor to vote in favor of updating the Massachusetts Container Beverage Law.

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One Reply to ““Bottle Bill” Expansion Hearing

  1. Oh great, more bottles for the trash pickers to hunt for in the NE. I am all in favor of the recycling efforts but the trash pickers rip open bags and the "rat buffet" becomes open and free. In my ideal world, bottle deposits would be outlawed in the NE or there would be "large trash picker resistant" containers where local non-profits could keep the $ from the bottle returns. I heard that trash pickers get fined on Beacon Hill. Any truth to that rumor and if true, why aren’t they fined here?

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