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Get Ready For More Quack! Quack!

The City has lifted its 11 year old moratorium on new sight-seeing vehicle licenses, starting in March 2010. Nearly every sight-seeing bus goes through or around the North End/Waterfront neighborhood. Get ready for more trolley loudspeaker announcements and of course, more Quack, Quack!

More "Super" Buses Hitting the Street in March 2010
More “Super” Buses Hitting the Street in March 2010


Press Release
Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Police Commissioner Edward Davis announce effective today that a moratorium on the issuance of any new sight-seeing automobile licenses, which was put in place in 1998, is hereby rescinded.

The moratorium on the issuance of licenses for sight-seeing vehicles was put in place in June of 1998 in response to concerns about the impact of such vehicles on traffic in the downtown area during the construction of the new Central Artery and Ted Williams Tunnel. With the conclusion of surface construction and time to evaluate the new traffic patterns, a moratorium is no longer necessary.

The Boston Police Department Hackney Carriage Unit will begin accepting applications immediately for the 2010 season which begins March 1, 2010. Additionally, since 2007 the BPD, in consultation with the Trolley industry, has been developing an improved rule regarding the licensing process and ongoing regulation of sight-seeing vehicles operating in Boston. Applications will be reviewed in accordance with the new rule.

2 Replies to “Get Ready For More Quack! Quack!

  1. Uh oh… Hanover street is already about as ridiculous as it can get. What happens when a duck boat tries to get around all the double parkers going into mikes or the ever present NSTAR details? Don’t even want to think of all the honking that would result…

  2. Unless they have a special permit, tour buses, trolleys, and duck tours ARE NOT allowed on Hanover St or in the North End. Occasionally a stray ignores the posted signs. If you see them, call the police

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