Preliminary District 1 Election: LaMattina Receives 73% of Vote to Kulikoski’s 15%

Today’s preliminary election winnows down the field going into the November 3rd election day for the Mayoral and City Council seats. For Boston’s Mayoral election, it’s Menino vs Flaherty, eliminating the close 3rd in Yoon and McCrea in 4th.

THOMAS M. MENINO         41026     50.52%
MICHAEL F. FLAHERTY        9459     23.96%
SAM YOON                                  17179     21.16%
KEVIN R. McCREA                   3340      4.11%
Write-in Votes                            198       0.24%

Sal LaMattina
Sal LaMattina
Chris Kulikoski
Chris Kulikoski

The North End/Waterfront is part of District 1’s City Council race where Sal LaMattina received a strong 73% of the vote versus Chris Kulikoski who received 15%, enough to eliminate Laura Garza. The top two finishers will face off on November 3rd for the District 1 council seat that covers not only the North End, but the larger Charlestown and East Boston neighborhoods.

City Councilor Sal LaMattina is a life-long resident of East Boston. In 1999, Councilor LaMattina joined the Boston Transportation Department as Director of Operations, which he held until he was elected to the Boston City Council in 2006. Christian Kulikoski, is a veteran and former teacher who now runs the Mazzaro Family Market on Salem Street in the North End.

SALVATORE LAMATTINA         5593     73.37%
CHRIS KULIKOSKI                          1148     15.06%
LAURA GARZA                                 854     11.20%
Write-in Votes                                    28      0.37%

The At-Large City Council race will be winnowed to the 8 top candidates from today’s preliminary election vying for 4 seats on November 3rd.

Moving ahead to Nov. 3rd Election:
JOHN R. CONNOLLY         35115     18.08%
STEPHEN J. MURPHY        30311     15.60%
FELIX G. ARROYO             25821     13.29%
AYANNA S. PRESSLEY       16846      8.67%
ANDREW P. KENNEALLY   12632      6.50%
TITO JACKSON                 12520      6.45%
DOUG BENNETT               10519      5.42%
TOMAS GONZALEZ           10108       5.20%

EGO EZEDI                        9245       4.76%
HIEP QUOC NGUYEN         7682       3.95%
SEAN H. RYAN                   6654        3.43%
JEAN-CLAUDE SANON       5377        2.77%
ROBERT L. FORTES            5062       2.61%
BILL TRABUCCO                3126       1.61%
SCOTLAND M. WILLIS       2638       1.36%
Write-in Votes                    591       0.30%

One Reply to “Preliminary District 1 Election: LaMattina Receives 73% of Vote to Kulikoski’s 15%

  1. I am still riding that election day high. I look forward to Sal’s assistance to our community over this critical period of "putting the icing on the cake" of all that has happened with The Big Dig. This is no time for "change." I know first hand that Sal has been a tireless advocate for us. I used to work in organizational development. You have to look at the total team. The team we have and should have in the coming few years should be able to work effectively together; after all, they already have!

    Everyone has an opinion I guess. All I know is that I care deeply about this City and everyone I see at the meetings. While we may not always agree, we all take the time to not just care–but show that care in action. You, Matt, make an extensive sacrifice to consolidate our news. Thank you. (Even though some of your views chafe my cranium. :D)

    Next: VOTE! I am a second generation American. And I just feel that We are so lucky to live in this wonderful country and this amazingly beautiful City. So many people walk around talking politics, but they can’t walk the walk to the polls. Don’t assume anyone has it in the bag. Show your support and exercise your marvelous privilege as an American voter.

    Last but not least, I was DISGUSTED by some people who came to visit out neighborhood yesterday. I heard a few disparaging remarks about Italians/italian-americans to include someone calling us overcharged with testosterone when we were fraternizing on the street. I held my tongue, but I must admit — it kind of chilled me, especially coming from people who were supporting some of the far left lesser known candidates who claim to be so culturally open. Really sad.

    Happy Fall, everyone!

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