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Edward M. Kennedy and the North End

Sen. Kennedy at the North End Greenway Parks Opening
Sen. Kennedy at the North End Greenway Parks Opening

Here are a few articles from the coverage of the death of Senator Edward M. Kennedy that relate to the North End/Waterfront neighborhood.

Kennedy Left An Impression In A Thousand Little Ways By Monica Brady-Myerov,

“… ANOTHER LASTING IMPRESSION KENNEDY MADE on the city of Boston was the Rose Kennedy Greenway, named after his mother.

KENNEDY: I always remember my mother and my grandfather talking about growing up in the North End as they were children: There was never any grass for the children to go out and play. There was never any grass — well, there’s going to be grass. There’s going to be grass right behind me and all the way down this greenway.”

How Kennedy Learned to Care
By Adam Clymer | Newsweek Web

“He learned at the feet of his grandfather, John F. (Honey Fitz) Fitzgerald, who had been mayor of Boston 30 years before, but who never lost touch with the city … “They would talk about what was happening in the North End, how are things with the Italians, what was happening to the Irish–problems of discrimination.”

On a sunny morning downtown, sadness over Kennedy’s death
Peter Schworm, By Globe Staff

“He’s a legend,” said Sal Bosco, 54, of the North End, a long-time Kennedy supporter. “He was always for the working people. He tried to help a lot of people.”

Senator Kennedy’s Website – Timeline

“He demonstrated his ongoing commitment at the dedication of the $8 million ABCD-controlled, HUD-funded conversion of the abandoned Michelangelo School in Boston’s North End to 71 units of affordable elderly housing.”