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105 Prince Street Headhouse Needs Zoning Relief

105princesuebdavidrThe condominium assocation at 105 Prince Street presented at NEWRA’s ZLC (North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association Zoning, Licensing & Construction) committee meeting looking for support to modify the headhouse on the roof of their building. The headhouse and surrounding roof design is nearly 100 years old and is causing water infiltration due to drainage problems.

In order to correct the situation, owners Sue Benveniste, David Roderick and their contractor, presented a new design plan to the ZLC committee that would add 2 steps to redesign the drainage and increase the width of the headhouse. The added headroom and steps would increase the height by approximately 3 feet.

The current height of the property, including the headhouse will be increasing from 59’ 6” to 62’ 9”. The owners noted the new height would be approimately 8 inches above an existing skylight. The headhouse length would also be increased from 6’ 9” to 9’ 5” wide.

The headhouse height is above the North End’s general zoning limit of 55 feet, but that restriction is for roof height and allows for headhouses and equipment to be added above a 55’ roof. Still, the change in height and width requires a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals.

A few abutters were in attendance and asked questions about the design versus a scupper or sump pump solution. The building owner next door wanted to ensure the new design would not cause related problems on her building. In general, abutters appeared satisfied and supportive of the zoning variance.

NEWRA’s full membership will have the opportunity to vote on this issue on September 10th as will NEWNC on September 14th. The ZBA hearing is currently scheduled for September 15, 2009, 10:30 am at City Hall, Room 801. See the calendar for all meetings, hearings and events.