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NEWRA Supports Two Zoning Relief Applications

 www.NEWRA.orgAt the June 9th monthly North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) meeting, there were 2 supportive votes for zoning relief applicants.

Chad Wolfson of 5 N. Hudson Street received a 43-1 vote in support of his application to construct a raised deck behind his residential building’s first floor unit. The rear of the building faces Langone Funeral Home which did not respond to their notification of the application. No abutters objected to the deck. Several attendees supported the application that will assist the family to stay in the North End.

Tara Shea and George Collins of 12 Unity Street received a 44-2 vote in support of their zoning relief to replace an existing headhouse with a penthouse. The plans also call to replace an existing private roof deck which overlooks the Prado (Paul Revere Mall). The height of the building with penthouse will be just under 55 feet.

A third application for a “change of use” for a coffee shop by Giovanni Grimaldi was on the agenda for 115 Salem Street, but the owner/manager did not show up at the meeting. No reason for the absence was given. The space for the proposed coffee shop is the space formerly occupied by Dave’s Curtains. After a recent denial for a new beer/wine license, the owner has also appealed that decision.

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