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Fortune Teller Appears Before NEWRA’s ZLC Committee

Sophia Anderson, presented this week to NEWRA’s ZLC (Zoning, Licensing & Construction) committee, to provide information on her Fortune Teller application in advance of a NEWRA vote on August 13th. Ms. Anderson is proposing to open a business on the second floor of 216 Hanover Street, above Dolce Vita. Hours of operation will be from 10am-11pm, 7 days a week.

3829669-3738167-thumbnailThere is one large room that will be split into four smaller areas. One section will be used for readings while the other sections will be used for sales of books, candles, incense and related items.

Signage is expected to be in two areas – on the bottom of the first floor door on Hanover Street and in the windows on the second floor. The signs will be dark purple in gold relief, with no neon or bright lights.

Ms. Anderson indicated that she believes the street traffic on Hanover Street would appreciate her services and looks forward to being part of the North End. The applicant has an astrology shop in West Bridgewater, which is also her hometown.

The ZLC audience did not appear to have any major objections to the application. Abutters have been notified but none were present at the meeting. NEWRA will take up the application before its full membership on August 13th at the Nazzaro Center (7pm). The Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) will also hear the application on September 14th.

One jokester asked if Ms. Anderson knew the whether the application would be approved. She answered that she was very nervous because she did not know the outcome.