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5 N. Hudson St Applies for Deck Zoning Relief

Chad Wolfson of 5 N. Hudson St in the North End filed for zoning relief to construct a raised deck at the rear of the residential building’s first-floor unit where he lives with his wife and 2 children. At NEWRA’s ZLC committee meeting, Wolfson indicated that he has the approval of all abutters including the Funeral Home behind them. The zoning code requires variance approval primarily to protect abutting properties.

Based on comments from abutters, the applicant changed the design to 8-9 ft in depth and a slotted fence without going further back into 300 square foot yard. Wolfson owns the entire building. In response to a question, the deck will have steel supports, deep into the ground to avoid any structural problems.

Pending a hearing date, this issue will likely be placed on NEWRA’s July 9th and NEWNC’s July 13th meeting agendas.