Michael Sinatra Enters Race for District 1 City Councilor

Michael Sinatra

Michael Sinatra is the third candidate entering the race to fill the seat being vacated by Sal LaMattina as City Councilor for District 1 representing the North End, Charlestown and East Boston. Sinatra is an East Boston resident and currently Chief of Staff for Councilor LaMattina.

“I have decided to run for the District 1 City Council seat,” said Michael. “I have spent the last four years on Councilor LaMattina’s staff handling many issues throughout the entire district, with proven results. I was promoted to Chief of Staff after a short time because of my successful track record and I feel that my work speaks for itself.

If I am successful in winning the seat I will continue the work that I have been doing, making sure the day to day, nuts and bolts of basic city services are addressed. This job entails a relentless pursuit of servicing each and every one of our constituents, which I have been proud to do for my entire tenure working for the Councilor. I look forward to this campaign and wish each of the candidates the best of luck”.

Michael Sinatra joins candidates Stephen Passacantilli and Lydia Edwards who announced their candidacy on Tuesday.

District candidates for city council need 200 signatures from the district. The preliminary election is Sept. 26, and the general municipal election is Nov. 7.