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Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt Shop Closes on Hanover Street

After 3 years on Hanover Street in Boston’s North End, Pinkberry has closed its doors. The frozen yogurt shop never seemed to gain traction on a street where gelato, cannoli and cappuccino reign supreme.

As a franchise chain capitalizing on the popularity of “fro-yo,” Pinkberry’s debut and its signage were met with mixed reactions at the location in the heart of Boston’s “Little Italy.” Perhaps related to the controversy, the stores windows were smashed shortly before opening. However, both neighborhood groups, NEWRA and NEWNC, ultimately voted in favor of the shop with some welcoming a business other than another restaurant or bar.

Before Pinkberry, the location at 283-285 Hanover St. was formerly Varese Shoes and then Nahas Shoes. We have not heard any word regarding a future tenant at the location.

13 Replies to “Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt Shop Closes on Hanover Street

  1. Well, that was two years longer than I thought they would last. I know Pinkberry did have a small following among neighborhood residents, but apparently not enough to get them through another winter. Probably wasn’t the best location, either, right across the street from the Gelateria.

    1. I agree, that the location of Pinkberry & only having a small following from locals doomed them. Tourists & visitors from all parts of the US can get frozen yogurt where they live. Who is going to go back home after their trip and tells there friends that during their NE visit they had frozen yogurt? Most of these tourists eat cardboard pizza back home & think that Olive Garden is fine Italian dining.

    1. Comments relating to Pink Berry completely miss the essential significance of this saga. And that is that within the North End’s business community or among those loosely related to it, there exists people willing to engage in intimidation and violence in order to discourage and demoralize competing businesses perceived as threatening the economic prosperity of one or more existing businesses. Such unacceptable behavior not only casts a dark shadow on the North End’s business community but echoes principles reminiscent of the community’s mafia past. Maybe it’s time to get beyond it.

    1. Sara, I agree.
      I enjoyed Pinkberry very much. I’m just hoping not another restaurant goes there….We shall see. It was a great change to gelato (too expensive for me.

  2. We need another restaurant like we need more rats in the neighborhood. Hanover St. is considered the prime spot to be on.

    This location went from Mike’s Pastry, to Varase Shoes, another shoe store, Pinkberry & God only knows what Restaurant will
    go in.

    The highest bidder gets the spot. Everything in the No.End is overpriced & winter is coming & most of the tourism will be over
    with, thank God.

  3. Is it awful that I’m hoping a non-Italian restaurant open up? As a resident, my only cheap & quick dinner choices when I don’t want to cook are Tenoch or China House.

    1. You have other options like Paulie’s on Salem St, Cobblestone on Hanover, plus prepared foods at Go bananas. There is also Dino’s, and other places to get subs or prepared food such as Monica’s Mercato and Bricco deli’s and the Golden Goose on COmmercial St. Hanover St rents mean big prices to cover big rents.

  4. I agree with Niki – we have hardly any cheap-eats options. I would love a soup and salad place there if we have to have another restaurant.

  5. Based on what I’m hearing the rent is in that spot, don’t hold your breath waiting for “cheap eats”. Whatever goes in there will have a very high monthly rent to pay and will pass that on to their customers. .

  6. Look what happened to Boschetto’s bakery a fixture in the NE for a century. I’m surprised that a Frozen Yogurt shop lasted 3 years here.

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