Strawberry Moon over Boston Harbor and Islands - June 2016
Strawberry Moon over Boston Harbor and Islands – June 2016

Coincident with the start of Summer was the low-hanging Strawberry Moon on Monday night, shown here over Boston Harbor. It is a very rare astrological event and the first time since 1967 when the Summer Solstice occurs at the same time of a Full Moon. Because the days are so long in June, the event happens in decent light just after sunset, allowing for spectacular photo imagery.

Strawberry Moon over Logan Airport
Strawberry Moon over Logan Airport

Sometimes called a “honey moon” or “full rose moon”, the “strawberry moon” name comes from the Algonquin tribes who knew that it was now the time to start picking ripened fruit, like strawberries!

The June Strawberry Moon glows an amber color (yes, I was expecting more pink/red too). The golden color comes from the low horizon light traveling through thicker, more humid air. As the moon goes higher, it becomes more white.

Strawberry Moon over Boston Harbor from the North End

Photos by Matt Conti.

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  1. Matt! What a shot. Gorgeous. Aren’t you lucky to have seen this…..and there won’t be another simultaneous solstice and strawberry moon for 70 years.

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