2 Replies to “Please Remove Your Burned Out BMW on North Street

  1. I would expect that the city is responsible for clearing a vehicle trashed by a fire. It is a serious hazard, as it looks the gas tank is still intact. Or maybe it is leaking? Or ???? I assume the Fire Department and the Police were involved at the time of the incident.

    This is a public safety issue. Who isresponsible for the cost can be sorted out after the issue is neutralized. There is no precedent I know for NOT clearing the vehicle immediately. This is a public thoroughfare.

  2. Update: After an arson investigation was completed by the appropriate City authority, the owner of the vehicle had it towed away on Sunday afternoon. This is good news, because the City has to follow a protocol that doesn’t allow it to remove an abandoned vehicle until a minimum of three days has passed after it is ticketed.

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