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Helping Out Fleet Dry Cleaners After Break-In

Friends of Mai and her mother at Fleet Dry Cleaners have started a Go Fund Me campaign to help out after the recently reported break-in on Fleet Street. Former resident and neighbor Sean Dacey shares the following information.

Fleet Dry Cleaners in Boston’s North End was recently broken into over the weekend on December 3rd, 2015. Money was stolen from the cash register and the front glass window was shattered. Damages will be costly.

Many of us love and admire Mai and her mother for being so kind and helping us with our everyday lives. Whether they have tailored, cleaned or washed our dirty clothes, they’ve always welcomed us with a smile and a warm heart. Most of us couldn’t get by without them.

I lived in the North End for over 8 years (4 on Fleet St. and 4 on Clark St.) and I always used Fleet Dry Cleaners to help me stay sharp. They have been so caring and personable over the years and I would love to give back to them and help them out. I know the North End is strong. It always felt like a big family to me and everytime I get a chance to go back there it brings back good memories for me each and every time.

In response to the horrible news and after talking to a few friends about what happened, I decided to start a GoFundMe page to help raise some money for Mai and her mother at Fleet Dry Cleaners. I know cash was stolen and their window was broken and they lost some money being closed for a few days.

I’m sure a little extra cash before the holidays could help them get back on their feet and they’ll be as good as new with our support. Here’s the link to donate and if you could help us spread the word I’m sure we could reach our goal of $1,000 and more!

[button link=””]Link to GoFundMe Page to Help Fleet Dry Cleaners[/button]

3 Replies to “Helping Out Fleet Dry Cleaners After Break-In

  1. Sean,
    You are a kind person and truly know the spirit of Christmas! Thank you for taking the time to bring this to the attention of the neighborhood. Both of the these women are hard working and all that you listed above. They deserve our help!

    1. Insurance didn’t cover it, either way, I’d like to cheer them up before the holidays and hopefully this will help. Thanks

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