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Vandals Knock Down Granite Bollard at Christopher Columbus Park

Fallen Bollard at Christopher Columbus Park (Courtesy of Christian Pleva)

In an act of apparent vandalism, one of the bollards at the statue of Christopher Columbus was knocked down over the weekend.

The public art stands in the center of Christopher Columbus Park along a popular waterfront path. North End resident, Christian Pleva, shares the scene in this photo to the right.

The marble statue itself does not appear to be damaged. The engraved granite bollard structure holds a chain surrounding the statue.

The granite bollard is put upright with police tape to surround the statue through the New Year’s festivities. (Image courtesy of FOCCP.)

Friends of Christopher Columbus Park reported the vandalism to City Hall and oversaw a makeshift repair according to a post on Facebook begging the question, “Why?”

2 Replies to “Vandals Knock Down Granite Bollard at Christopher Columbus Park

  1. Not only is this act despicable, the vandals have now decided to ruin our precious Rose garden. The small and dedicated Horticulture committee, lovingly tends this garden almost year-round. The bushes have been mulched and put to ‘bed’ for the Winter and the gates are locked. Well … the gates were locked, ’til vandals broke BOTH locks on Monday night and invaded the Garden. These are not ordinary locks. They are the expensive bicycle locks. We must replace them immediately so no further damage can be done.
    Is there a conspiracy afoot to harass the people who dedicate their time and the generous donors who give money to make this very special place in our community so welcoming and such a pleasure to visit?
    Please be vigilant, friends, and report any suspicious behavior to any one or all, of the phone numbers posted on the bulletin boards in the Tot Lot and the one near the statue.
    Many thanks.
    Happy 2015 to all.

  2. MEREDITH, You are so right, it is scary. The Paul Revere Sign was stolen from Paul Revere’s House and now
    this. We have over 100 establishments in the North End & one Policeman in charge of the entire Neighborhood.
    We need more cameras in the area, regardless of the Police saying we have a low crime rate in comparison to
    other parts of the City. We, the North End/Waterfront Residents have had to deal with Gentrification, Urination,
    Regurgitation, Fornication, Airbnbs, & VANDALISM. We don’t know who the hell is entering this very small
    congested area, and it seems like the authorities are not trying hard enough to protect us. Money the Root of
    all Evil & Greed have consumed this area. All we can do is hope & pray somebody up City Hall steps up to
    the plate & hears our cries for help. God Bless us All & I hope for a Very Happy New Year without anymore

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