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Notable News: Ice Sculptures, Sneaker Wars, Cheap Dishes, Sidewalk Collapse, Sludge Stop

Throughout each week, I dig through dozens of news outlets looking for the noteworthy stories that pertain to the North End / Waterfront. As time consuming as it can be, with the Notable News post, keeping up with the local news has never been so easy!

Ice sculptures in the making at New England Aquarium

Aquarium News and Updates

This is a time of ice sculptures around the city of Boston and the aquarium will not be sitting this out! A fitting themed ice sculpture of a penguin family stands outside in the blissfully cold winter weather. See more at the  New England Aquarium.

A lawsuit with some kick: Is this town big enough for two sneaker companies?

The Brighton-based shoe company, New Balance, is suing the soon-to-be North End-based Converse over complications with similar stylings of other vendors’ sneakers. Converse makes the Chuck Taylors, a famous sneaker that is the arch rival of the PF Flyer line made by New Balance. Read the story at, UniversalHub.

Top 12 delectable cheap dishes of the year

The North End is known for their espresso, famous deserts, bakeries, classic Italian food, and Mexican food? Tenoch Mexican in the North End comes in at one of the top places to get a cheap meal in Boston. Read the article at, The Boston Globe

Come along on a tasting tour of some of Boston’s best international cuisine

Many visitors who come to Boston look to try their personal favorite food dishes and items, for many that may be a classic North End Pizza. For this food tour, it took a turn through all corners of international cuisine, everything from Brazilian food to Vietnamese. See the story at, PRI.

Photo courtesy of UniversalHub
Photo by Clare on Twitter via UniversalHub

Bollards! Causeway Street obstruction takes balls

A woman shares a photo of the sidewalk next to the TD Garden, outside of the Tip O’Neill Building. It was around noon when this woman saw the sidewalk completely caved in behind the road barriers. View post at UniversalHub.

‘Sons of Liberty’ tells tale of America’s founders

A new miniseries called “Sons of Liberty” will be premiering on the History Channel, showing the true radical and mischievous side of revolutionaries like Samuel Adams and John Hancock. The North End is deep rooted in this history, from Paul Revere riding through on his famous midnight ride to the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston’s North End. Continue reading at, Times-Enterprise.

The day the sludge stopped

Last Wednesday marked the 23rd anniversary of sewage sludge no longer being poured into the Boston Harbor! It was workers from the MWRA (Massachusetts Water Resources Authority) that established a water treatment plant at Deer Island.  View the post at, UniversalHub.

Paul Revere’s House in the North End. Photo by David L. Ryan of the Boston Globe
Paul Revere’s House in the North End. Photo by David L. Ryan of the Boston Globe,

Historic Boston Has Its Fair Share of Historic Homes

It is no secret that Boston is home to some of the most historic landmarks and some of the richest American history. Without a doubt, among the most famous is the Paul Revere House as it makes this list at

2015 Preview: 10 Most Anticipated Boston Venues for Meetings and Events

The greater Boston area is home to many places that are heavily sought after for meetings and events. In 2015, one of the most anticipated venue openings will be Select Oyster Bar in Back Bay. A creation by Chef Michael Serpa, the popular chef from the Neptune Oyster House located in the North End. Read more at, BizBash.

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