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NEWRA Opposes 2:00 a.m. Closing Hour Extension Request by Goody Glover’s

[responsive_youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIQ_vGnW_aQ]

Goody Glover’s did not receive support for a 2:00 a.m. closing hour extension request, in a vote of 5-26, from the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) at its April 10, 2014 meeting.

The current closing hour is 1:00 a.m. and 11 year owner, Dan McMyler, said his customers have been asking for him to stay open later. He said that he also loses business to the Faneuil Hall / Quincy Market bars that have 2:00 a.m. closing hour licenses.

A new owner at 48-50 Salem Street (at the corner of Cross St.) recently purchased the building and Goody Glover’s lease ends in September 2014. The new property owner is apparently looking for a new tenant to lease the space at a higher rent.

NEWRA’s alcohol license policy advises an 11:00 p.m. closing hour on weekdays with 12:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. Members spoke both in favor and opposition of the request.

After a brief discussion, NEWRA members voted to oppose the closing hour extension and will write a letter to the Licensing Board who will make the final determination.

See the above video for more details.

43 Replies to “NEWRA Opposes 2:00 a.m. Closing Hour Extension Request by Goody Glover’s

  1. I hope and pray that NEWRA never merges with NEWNC.

    The only MERGE that should take place is “THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE” with NEWNC.

    You can’t serve 2 Masters, and since the Chamber & NEWNC always seem to be on the
    same page, this is where the merge should take place, and I am pretty sure both are in
    agreement when it comes to extending the liquor hours to beyond 2 a.m. I wonder why?
    Maybe because most of them own Restaurants & Bars.

    Tony Robbins might have said if you don’t grow you die, but I am pretty sure he did not mean to
    destroy the Residents Quality of Life for the Revenue of the Restaurants. Above all, the North End as well
    as other small congested areas of the City were Neighborhoods before they made it
    Restaurant Row. The people that are moving into the Seaport area already know what they
    are getting into, it was Commercial Property before it became Residential, and God help them
    when it is time for them to go to sleep, unless these Developers made Sound Proof Condos &
    Apts. they will get a taste of sleepless nights like we have for FAR TOO MANY YEARS.

  2. Let’s put it this way……if he doesn’t make enough money by staying open until 1:00A.then what’s another hour going to do? If this is allowed then it will open the proverbial flood gates and before you know it there will be a push for 3 A.M..
    Why don’t these owners just go home early and forget about the extra money? Of course, when many of these people shut
    out the lights and lock the front door, they leave the North End and it’s up to the residents to put up with the resulting noise.

    1. Stop exagerrating North End Resident. You know that there are only TWO restaurant owners on NEWNC…Philip and Jorge. And Philip can only vote if there is a tie. Ralph owns a breakfast & sandwich place with no alcohol license. Gennaro’s PARENTS own restaurants. All of them are residents of the Northend AND have a right to run for a seat on NEWNC and if elected serve a 2 year term. The COC has no official voice with the city, is made up of business owners who do not have to be residents and people do not have to appear before the COC for zoning or licensing issues. This was a COC board ploy to attempt to take over control of everything in the Northend. there will NEVER be a merger between the COC and NEWNC and shame on you North End Resident for suggesting that. If you have such a issue with who is on NEWNC, why not actuay show up at the election in May?

  3. Actually, Joyce Stephens just proved North End Resident’s point. The council members she mentioned are connected with at least 10 North End restaurants. A merger between the COC and NEWNC would be superfluous.

    1. Actually my point is that there are ONLY TWO RESTAURANT OWNERS on the Council and North End Resident was exaaggerating yet again. It does not matter how many businesses their relatives own. Their relatives are not on the council and they cannot vote if one of their relatives appears before the council. Cannot say the same for NEWRA members. They are residents as well as business owners. How many business owners are NEWRA members? Stop exaggerating to make a ridiculous point.

  4. Joyce, No.End Res. is not exaggerating, being sarcastic, absolutely. I have lived in the
    North End a lot longer than you have, and I know a lot more people and also know their
    backgrounds, and there are people that own bars or restaurants and are silent partners, and
    that is only the mild side of one story.

    1. Marie,, your absolutely right a bldg. inspector who lived in the NE all his life once told me that just because a persons name is on the license doesn’t necessarily mean that they own the property.

  5. Salem St. Kid, I am only saying the Truth, what is your problem? I am not insulting anyone, I
    am just stating the Facts.

  6. Salem st. kid,
    Life long residents of the North End Know every milk and cranny of this neighborhood, they know everything about the generations of families who have lived here; this was just a part of the culture in the North End.
    It was an extremely tight knit neighborhood, where everyone knew each others business, and everyone knew when and if it was alright to talk about something. These were the days where instant media was a whisper and word of mouth.
    But the information traveled at lighting speed without the web and twitter.
    Yes! there was some criminal activity in this community,and there still is, chameleons just change there colors.
    We would all be living a bubble if we thought that politics and business had full transparency.
    Joyce, I hope you are just being naive.
    My point being! Both, Joyce and Salem st. kid could never, and will never possess a tenth of the knowledge that a life long resident has about their community.
    That is just a simple fact!
    People do not like to hear the truth, especially if the truth does not rest well with them.
    It is also unfortunate that the truth cannot always be spoken, because of the fair of offending.
    But ironically you cannot offend the truth.
    This does not diminish anyone’s opinion or feelings on a subject or issue in the community.
    It also does not give any one comment more validity than another.


    1. The “historical knowledge” of the neighborhood and its residents that a life-long resident would have is sadly becoming worth less and less every day as new young professionals keep moving in. Maybe newer residents like Salem St Kid (you may have lived here a long time, but just using you to make a point) have a lot more knowledge about the “new” North End and it’s newer residents than the old guard, and are more plugged into the needs of this growing group. This neighborhood is not the Italian monolith it used to be…now it’s only the restaurants that are mostly Italian.

    2. I have lived here for almost 30 yrs and I served on NEWNC for six. I am not naive. I know a lot of people and who is involved in what restaurants (and other things). There is nothing silent in the Northend. So please give it a rest. The North End has changed even since I moved here. It is not the old close knit closed off Italian community of the past. Change began when the Italians started selling off their buildings in the 1980s (or before) and the new owners turned them into condos. Taking down the central artery opened the Northend up and made it more appealing to “outsiders” to move here and walk to work. The neighborhood is composed of old timers and old “newcomers” like me and new newcomers like Salem St kid and the dreaded students. Being a lifelong resident does not mean you know more than I do about the North End of today ot that you care more about the neighborhood than everyone else. It just means you are living in a different neighborhood than the one you grew up in and it is apparent you cannot accept that the Old Northend no longer exists . It happens everywhere and it is called progress.

  7. I think it is more beneficial to not argue about who has been here longer and agree on what is most beneficial for the neighborhood, that could be based on cumulative living time here, or maybe experiences living in other locations around the country. There is a balance to these discussions.

  8. It’s sad to see what began as discussion about a proposal that could, at least arguably, improve the neighborhood has devolved into personal attacks over who’s been here longer or who has the most “neighborhood knowledge”.

    I must say it’s interesting to see the vitriol against the Chamber of Commerce, a group that has literally done nothing in its current iteration except for hosting speakers and organizing a clean up day last fall.

    For those anonymous posters who believe Jorge Mendoza and I are don’t deserve to be on NEWNC because we own restaurants, then I encourage you not vote for us next year when we are up for reelection. For the record, neither of us are members of the North End Chamber of Council. Nor are any of the restaurants we are “connected” to. Jorge doesn’t need defending, but it should be noted that every year he and his family host a fundraiser for the Eliot School and this past year they raised nearly $100,000 for the school. But I guess his contributions are negated because he is a business owner and thus “serves another Master”.

    I am a resident, a lawyer, a dog owner, a bike rider, a member of a young family, a member of St. Anthony’s Club, a person who grew up in a restaurant and a business owner. Each of those things makes has informed my votes when I was a voting member of NEWNC. I voted based on the merits of the proposal and qualifications of the applicant, with an eye towards the potential precedent it would create. Every vote I took as a member of the Council was open and is a matter of public record. Now in my short time as President, NEWNC has brought more transparency to the Council by publishing our agendas a full two weeks before the meeting, relaunched our website to facilitate more neighborhood feedback and made a substantive proposal to improve the way the voice of the neighborhood is heard at City Hall. My solemn desire is someone will debate the merits of our proposal, so far all we have gotten is an unsigned refusal to discuss it and unnamed challengers for a game of Who’s the Most North End!

    For those who want to have a substantive debate, please let’s begin one:

    Two boards, with the potential for contradictory decisions, confuses the will of the neighborhood. One forum, one voice, one place for applicants to come and for abutters to organize there opposition would be better.

    Putting details of what this group would look like aside for the moment, does anyone disagree with that simple statement? Why? And please use your real name!

  9. Great letter, Philip. It’s rather frustrating to see this ongoing battle. For years many have been asking , “Why two boards.” It’s time to merge the two!
    Both you and Jorge should continue to stand your ground. You are both vital members of our community – you live and work here and always reach out to the North End Community. Forza!

  10. I guess it is time for a reality check. The actual proposal was that NEWRA give up its zoning and licensing committee which has been carefully developed by David Kubiak and others over a 15-year period and leave all zoning and licensing matters to NEWNC, which does not even have a zoning and licensing committee. The authors of this proposal may not belong to the Chamber of Commerce but, coincidentally, this is something that certain members of the Chamber have been trying to accomplish for years. As a resident I have no problem with business owners having input into local issues. However, for some reason, certain business owners do not wish to afford the same courtesy to residents. Many neighborhoods in this city have residents associations. Some also have neighborhood councils. Some also have business associations. Why is it so hard to concede that having any one of these organizations does not rule out having the others? Everyone has a role to play.

    The NEWRA ZLC is an established, well-run committee. It is meticulous about neighbor notification so that abutters will be informed about proposals which affect them. It provides an opportunity for people to talk out their differences. No one is required to have a lawyer and many participants do not. If there are no significant abutter or neighborhood concerns, it is not necessary to appear at a membership meeting and a letter of no opposition will be submitted. If people are concerned about businesses having to present at too many meetings, why not avail yourselves of this process instead of trying to shut it down? The number of meetings could potentially be trimmed to one. On the other hand, if a restaurant seeking a 2:00 am license has to appear at three meetings, I am not overly concerned about that. The hardship to the applicant cannot be compared to the hardship to the residents with the proliferation of late-night licenses.

    The residents of this neighborhood are grappling with many serious concerns. The night-time noise and bad behavior have been getting worse. Long-time residents who have anchored the neighborhood are leaving. Young families who would like to be part of our future can’t afford to stay. We have a new mayor who can provide leadership on these issues. If we join together to work on local problems we can be effective. If we focus on things like dismantling other groups, the drift toward a transient neighborhood will continue. Ands let’s face it, while we can agree on things like clean streets, there will always be a tension between residents who are protective of their quality of life and those businesses who profit from the party atmosphere.

    Ultimately, this is not about any one person and whether they are exemplary in their decision-making and whether they think they are doing a better job than their predecessor. It is not about whether someone is a dog owner or a social club member or a candidate for public office. This is about our neighborhood! Speaking with one voice is a worthy goal but not if you try to accomplish it by silencing others.

  11. Mary, instead of focusing on where we disagree, let’s build upon the things we agree on. David Kubiak did do a great job as Chairman of NEWRA’s Zoning and Licensing Committee. Everyone does have a role to play. The neighborhood is grappling with many serious concerns. And most importantly, speaking with one voice is a worthy goal. Then as a member of the NEWRA Executive Committee, why won’t your organization work with mine to pursue that worthy goal? If we don’t, either the City will continue to ignore us or they will force a process upon us. We are at the dawn of a new mayoral administration, and a new Head of Neighborhood Services will be named soon, the time to do this is now!

    1. Wow, I was having déjà vu reading this post. However, I missed the explanation of how I was focusing on disagreements. In any event, if you are looking for areas of commonality, start an initiative to halt the proliferation of late night liquor licenses. Most residents would be happy to “speak with one voice” on that issue. As far as your “Modest Proposal,” it should be obvious by now that you need to go back to the drawing board on that one.

      1. More than ONE group is not good for the residents. The two groups need to get over themselves and become ONE group…set the egos aside. This isn’t the UN…it’s a simple neighborhood group.

      2. We are willing to go back to the drawing table. In fact we have invited you to the drawing table. You and the rest of the members of the NEWRA Executive Committee refused to talk to us!

        NEWNC hasn’t approved the extension of closing hours in the three plus years I have been on the Council so there is a lot of agreement on that issue.

  12. Philip, I don’t know Jorge as well as you do, but I have the deepest respect for him and his
    family. I do not always agree with Jorge, but it does not interfere with the respect I have for
    him and the family. I don’t know who in this neighborhood knows what happen to Jorge, but it
    eats away at me like Cancer. Last year Jorge sent in a comment on this site, and I gave
    Jorge a KUDOS, everything he said was so true, it was frightening. Jorge got a comment
    back saying” watch out where you step”, and from there somebody got S H – T put it on
    his doorway and his car. Jorge never pursued this, and neither did our Police try to track
    down who might have made the comment, ” watch out where you step” and it was conveniently dropped. I know
    Jorge might have forgotten about this, but I NEVER WILL. This man is a good man who worked
    hard for everything he has, a great advocate in this neighborhood and yet it was a very serious
    matter that was NEVER dealt with. Tell me Phillip, do you have any ideas who might have done this
    to Jorge for telling the TRUTH? I don’t know who did this, but in my heart, I don’t think
    this was a RESIDENT, and I will admit, I have NO PROOF of any kind, and I do not have
    your legal background, but WHY DIDN’T ANYONE, whether Jorge wanted it dropped or not
    purse such a disgusting act & threat? Didn’t it ever occur to anyone that if such an act could
    take place with a great advocate like Jorge, it could have happened to anyone of us? I would
    appreciate any feedback you have to offer, but I still think this matter should be pursued
    for the welfare of both Residents & other Restaurant owners, so that an act like this NEVER
    takes place again.

  13. Good afternoon Philip,
    I do not usually post that often. When I post it is usually in regards to a specific topic or issue that will affect the quality of life in the neighborhood. I personally have no animosity towards any individual. council. or entity in our community.
    I have never attended any of these meetings, with all due respect, I guess I have no interest in the politics of them.
    I do appreciate the people in our community that do attend some of the meetings to fight for what they think is best for their neighborhood, including the boards themselves.
    I am not going to try and debate why or why not the the neighborhood council and the residents association should or should not merge together.
    By reading past voting results and watching video streams of both entities, I would like to voice an opinion in regards to the matter.
    The NEWNC seems to vote in favor of most expansion and development projects in the North End, both residential and commercial, which seems to fall in line with the vision of both the NECC and the city of Boston.
    NEWRA seems to oppose more of the commercial/restaurant development in the community, and the extension of alcohol license sales hours.
    NEWRA lets its members vote which is the true democratic process.
    I guess my point is that the residents feel empowered when they are part of the process.
    Why do you think the board and members of NEWRA will not even discuss or consider a merge? just a question not sarcasm.
    My thoughts are that the NECC should consider inviting and including residents to attend their meetings, that inclusion would open up dialogue and maybe quell some of the fears that residents have. It certainly could not hurt transparency by informing residents of the long term goals of the NECC and engaging them in the decision process.
    Lifelong residents are fearful of the rapid changes that have been taking place in this neighborhood, a lot of them are senior citizens.
    You may help them understand the gentrification, to help alleviate the foreign stresses and concerns that that gentrification has burdened them with.
    Residents are not against business or restaurant owners, we know most of them, and most of them have the neighborhoods best interest at heart, but in a business mindset.
    Some have made extremely generous contributions to the community.
    Our main cry has been over the rapid deterioration in the quality of life in our community.
    Of course! this cannot be blamed entirely on restaurant and bar patrons, but they do spill out into our streets intoxicated often performing lewd acts of conduct and disturbing the peace.
    When revenue is involved it is very difficult for both local business and government to care about the residents.
    Our cries have been falling on deaf ears for years.
    So yes! residents are very cynical right now.
    We know one thing for sure! we will fight against all attempts to extend the alcohol license sales hours to 3:30 am. in our neighborhood.
    Now that may piss off business owners and the younger demographics in our community and city, but that is as TRANSPARENT as i can be.
    In reply to your comments, yes! lifelong residents of the North End have been longer and have more knowledge about the community than eighty percent of our current residents, so it can be insulting to read some of these replies, but it is certainly not a goal of mine to remind people that they are not as informed as they think they are, and I know it certainly is not constructive.
    But as I posted yesterday, we all have a right to express our thoughts, feelings, and opinions.
    Although we may not find substance, or fact in each post we may read, they are valid to the person posting them.

    it is very difficult to truly serve two masters.
    It most often just comes down to a conflict of interest.

    I know there are a lot of reputable people and business owners, and I am sure this applies to Jorge and yourself.
    You are a consummate gentlemen.
    As I wrote yesterday some people have a fear to offend, so they will not speak the truth, as we all know the truth can sometimes cut like a knife.
    so I try not to get involved in the politics of things,because people will open your closet searching for skeletons, forgetting that their closet is full of them.
    It is very hard to bite your tongue when this occurs, so I try not to get in the arena in the first place.
    I wish you luck with all your endeavors.
    I apologize for the lengthy reply, I just wanted you to view the circumstances through our lenses.
    Warm Regards,
    Richie Montemarano.

  14. Richie,

    You stated “NEWRA lets its members vote which is the true democratic process.” Did you miss the point where you have to pay to vote??

    I challenge you another democratic process where you have to pay to vote. But I’ll save you the research you can’t. Now I am not saying one group is better than the other but please spare me the NEWRA is more of a democratic process then NEWNC. In fact I think its pretty clear that NEWNC is more democratic than NEWRA as NEWNC is elected by the people of the North End to represent them. No fee necessary. I am not sure how you are going to argue that NEWRA is more democratic than that when they charge a fee before your allowed to vote.

    1. NEWRA, like most other residents associations in the City, has membership dues to cover costs of mailing, copying, etc. As our members know, numerous informational handouts are provided at every meeting. The dues are $10 per year and can be waived if a person cannot afford to pay. The Beacon Hill Civic Association and the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay charge $50 per year. In the South End the charge is $40 per year. You would have to go out to Jamaica Plain to find dues which are as modest as NEWRA’s and they charge $15 per year. Thank you for the opportunity to clear up this persistent bit of misinformation. And thank you also to NEWRA’s other detractors. Donations to the organization have gone up significantly since the anti-NEWRA campaign started.

      1. Mary and Marie,

        Never once did I say there is anything wrong with charging dues. Just don’t and tell me its a democratic process where you have to pay to actively participate no matter how small the dues are. If you claim the process is then all residents should be allowed to vote regardless of whether or not they pay dues. The fact is NEWNC is more of a democratic process. The people elect the members on the council, unless I missed something where you have to pay to vote in that election. The NEWNC process is way more of a democratic process than NEWRA. That is a fact. Last time I checked when you register to vote in the Federal election there isn’t a processing fee.

    2. Hi Salem st. Kid.
      Do you really think any legally registered voter in the United States, votes for free?
      Take a minute to really think about that.
      What would we be researching?
      I would like to reiterate that part of yesterdays post was just my observation of how the two boards seem often vote in opposition of one another, I thought I was pretty clear about that.

      Richie Montemarano

      1. Um yes Richie a legally registered voter in the United States has the ability to vote for free. You actually don’t have to file a tax return or pay taxes to be legally registered. So in fact it assuming you are of age and a US citizen it is free to vote.

        By the way if these fees are really just to cover postage may NEWRA should get with the times. I mean who mails anything any more these days???

        1. Salem st. Kid,
          just to be clear you pay numerous other city, state and government taxes and fees.
          have a good day,


  16. Richie,

    I agree with Salem St. Kid. Not only do you have to pay to be a voting member of NEWRA, but you have to attend a prior meetings in the past six months to be eligible to vote at a meeting. Its sort of like saying you have to pay a poll tax and have voted in the previous election to be eligible to vote in a Presidential Election. The Supreme Court would have a field day with those requirements! But because they are a private organization they are not subject to the same public meeting laws we are as a public group.

    So its not as if a resident can just show up and vote on an issue at NEWRA. By contrast, any North End/Waterfront resident may vote in NEWNC Elections.

    The election of Officers is even less democratic. I am going on memory here, because they recently took their bylaws down from their website. I believe the previous group of officers appoints a “Nomination Committee” which then creates a slate of officers, which is then ratified by the general membership. The general membership doesn’t really have any choice in the election of officers. But in order to vote in an election, you have to have paid your dues and gone to two meetings in the prior six months. Not exactly free and democratic. This allows for the same people to stay in control of the organization year after year, really decade after decade. So to answer your other question, Richie, the reason I believe they don’t want to talk about unification is because the tiny handful of people in the Executive Committee don’t want to give up their power over NEWRA. Under the NEWNC proposal they would be given seats on NEWNC but would have to win reelection every two years. They would rather preserve their fiefdom of power then do wants best for the rest of the neighbors. Thats why, in secret, they voted to reject the three on three talks. There’s no record of who voted how, or even who was present at the vote! How democratic is that? All NEWNC votes are open and public and available to view on this site and ours.

    I have met one on one with a number of members of the NEWRA Executive Committee who support the idea of merging. So I think there were only three or four people who said no. Again because they are a private organization, there is no way for us to know for sure. What I find outrageous is that publicly in the March NEWRA meeting they said they were going to participate in three on three talks. Without any consultation with the general membership, three or four people were able to prevent reform from going forward. Those three or four people are effectively forcing this dysfunctional system on the rest of us in the neighborhood.

    Marie, NEWNC uses email to communicate with the various Government Entities, there is no need anymore to pay for postage. So aside from being more democratic, NEWNC is also more green!

    1. So much misinformation – so little time! The vice-president and the secretary of NEWRA are new members and the treasurer is a relative new-comer as well. All executive committee meetings are open to all members – there are no secret proceedings. As Marie has pointed out, a number of our members do not have access to computers and we do mailings to them. People also welcome explanatory hand-outs at meetings – it helps them follow the presentations and it informs them about other issues of interest. I could go on but I think most people are clear on how a residents association functions and how NEWRA operates. What I am NOT clear on is why anyone would think that constant attacks on another organization would be an incentive to work together. Enough! This could not possibly be more counter-productive.

      1. You’ve made it clear that you’re unwilling to work with us towards what you yourself have called a worthy goal. We are trying to fix a problem that is hurting our neighborhood and you have rebuffed our efforts. I’m sorry but we are not going to go away! A new head of Neighborhood Development was named yesterday. Now is the time to fix the problem!

  17. Philip, There are people that go to NEWRA meetings that don’t have computers and have no
    intention of ever getting e mails or text messages, therefore no matter how green it is; I think
    it is very considerate of NEWRA to inform people of these meetings. I think it is a good idea
    that people attend so many meetings in order to vote because it shows that they are truly interested
    in the neighborhood, and they are not just showing up to cast a vote for their friends or
    something they may have a personal interest in. I have attended
    meetings for both committees, and I HATE the idea that people can’t VOTE, and the
    Committee of 10 or 12 whatever the number is has the last say and not the people who attend.

    I have been shut off from voting because I did not attend enough meetings, and shame on me,
    I had no EXCUSE. I believe that people have the right to vote the same way you do, but I
    have witnessed far too many underhanded things happening in the Neighborhood that I don’t
    like. I feel there is a need for certain people to have “CONTROL” and these people have many
    followers because there is something in it for them. I JUST WANT FAIRNESS, and I have
    very strong beliefs and I COULD NEVER BE BOUGHT OFF, even if I was coming from
    hunger, I could not cast my beliefs aside. There are people in our country of all different ages and
    backgrounds that don’t
    even know who the Vice President of the U.S.A. is, but yet someone told them to cast a vote and they did so,
    not knowing any background of the people they are voting for. I love this neighborhood and I
    will fight to the bitter end for what I believe in. I brought up Jorge Mendoza you never made
    a comment back, and once again, NO PROOF, only my feelings. I think Jorge didn’t want
    to go along with something in the neighborhood, gave his true feelings for what he believes in,
    and look what they did to HIM. I am never going to forget what they did to Jorge as long as
    I live, and it kills me to know absolutely NOTHING was done about it.

    Philip, this is the Bottom Line, I hope all you Business People Prosper for the rest of your
    lives, but NEVER AT THE EXPENSE OF “ANY RESIDENTS”. Thank you very much
    for responding to my husband and I, we do appreciate it, even if we are not on the same
    page. God Bless You, and a Happy Easter to you & your family.

  18. I’m a huge fan of being able to watch these council meetings online. It’s a great way to see what changes are coming with restaurants, stores, the feasts, public safety, etc etc. It would be nice to be able to see what the other council is doing. Would they let Matt or someone else film it?

  19. I agree with ’20’. Filming all community meetings would be great for the dissemination of information and transparency. I cannot make a number of neighborhood meetings because of job conflicts. Because of that, I cannot vote. Being able to view the proceedings this website would enable me to stay current. I appreciate that Matt provides that service for some public meetings.

  20. I have been videotaping almost every monthly meeting for both NEWNC and NEWRA as well as several others, including the Chamber and general community meetings. You can find these archives through their tags (also found anytime in the right sidebar of the homepage):
    NEWRA: http://northendwaterfront.com/tag/newra
    NEWNC: http://northendwaterfront.com/tag/newnc
    Chamber of Commerce: http://northendwaterfront.com/tag/north-end-chamber-of-commerce/
    plus all videos are here:
    While I can’t guarantee to make every meeting, I will continue to post as many as I can.
    Hope that helps.

    1. Thanks, Matt. That is helpful. I watch them whenever I come across them but I’ve definitely missed many of them.

  21. This has been a very controversial subject but let’s get back to what started this entire question. They oppose a 2:a.m. closing for G.G.’s and that’s just wonderful.

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