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Small Clues But No Progress on Search for Missing North Ender, Eric Munsell

Boston Police, family and friends are trying to track down every clue as to what happened to Eric Munsell who has been missing since Saturday, February 8th. Through publicity efforts, the police have been able to locate an eyewitness that saw Eric later Saturday night.

Video footage obtained by Boston Police indicates that Munsell was last seen near the Long Wharf area consistent with reports that was where his cell phone was last “pinged” before he went missing. The current search is centered around the Boston Harbor waterfront area near Long Wharf and Christopher Columbus Park.

Friends have set up a Facebook page and would like the public to consider helping the family to pay for hotels/airfare/food/misc. while they search for their son. Munsell’s mother, Mary Lynn Mills, has traveled from Georgia to search for her son. See this website for the fundraising efforts.

Earlier on the night he went missing, Munsell was at Market Lounge on Broad Street celebrating his 24th birthday with friends. “I’m sure they were all drinking and partying, and he apparently stumbled his way into the men’s room, and at that point he was escorted out, not given the option of retrieving his coat,” his mother told NECN.

Eric Munsell is 24 years old and described as white, 6-foot-1, weighing 180 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, and a scar on his left cheek.

Anyone with information on Munsell’s disappearance is urged to call 911 or Boston Police District A-1 at 617-343-4248.


19 Replies to “Small Clues But No Progress on Search for Missing North Ender, Eric Munsell

  1. they really need to be looking in to the water because thats were he was last i hear nothing about haveing divevteam or boats looking for him in the water or any security camers around that area or did i miss something or are they not trying to hard can anyone tell me if they have done what i just said because as i said i have not read anything on it sad if they havent

    1. Police boats have been searching the water and using sonar. You wouldn’t send a diveteam unless the body was located.

  2. Yep, I hate to say it, but I have a hard time imagining this story ending up any way other than his body being in the harbor, after hearing that his phone last pinged there. I don’t know why, but this seems to happen way too often the last few years! Was really hoping it was going to end up that he’d slipped and hit his head and was in an ER somewhere. But as the days have passed and it came out that he made it over to that area, I’ve just gotten a very bad feeling about how it will end.

  3. This has not been the 1st time I have heard of Bouncers going over the top with their so-called
    authority at clubs or restaurants doors. I think the Boston Police should have a detail at all these
    clubs/restaurants where there has been problems and at the expense of the club/restaurant
    owners. Does everyone remember what happened to the girl from Mass. who was in a club
    somewhere in N.Y.C.? The bouncer killed that girl. These places need Paid Police Protection,
    and they can more than afford it. What is it going to take for people to get this?

    1. Just so you know there was a police officer there. I was there the same exact night and I lost my coat ticket, waited around until 2am to get my coat, and no one at the place would help me get my coat. I spoke to security, staff, managers…no one would help me and they told me I’d have to come back Monday AKA go outside in your thin shirt and freeze, we don’t care about you getting your coat. There was also a BOSTON POLICE OFFICER there. I went to him and asked him to please talk to them so I could get my coat, and he didn’t care either and moreover threatened to arrest me if I didn’t leave…all because I wanted my coat so I didn’t freeze outside. There is a lot about this story that stinks and Market Lounge/the Boston PD Officer should be held responsible.

      1. FYI I did not post this comment for anyone to feel pity for me. My point is that he was also kicked out without his coat and while I am here today and I am doing just fine, he was not so fortunate. No one should ever be forced out of an establishment and not allowed to grab their coat when it is this cold outside. Alcohol consumption speeds up hypothermia, especially in the frigid temperatures that we have experienced this winter. It was 16 degrees out that night and I can easily see how this poor kid was probably intoxicated and confused without anything to keep him warm. If people don’t see a problem with Market Lounge forcing people out into the cold without their coats, which they REGULARLY do if you look at their reviews, then people are overlooking a major factor here. If that had not happened, I bet the kid would still be at his job today enjoying his life.

  4. That’s not entirely true. During other missing person reports dive teams have been dispersed to try to locate a body to give families closure.

  5. Why is it okay for clubs/bars to over serve patrons and then throw them to the curb where they are vulnerable to predators and accidents? Liability should extend beyond the club… You can not over serve people, remove them from safety and their friends, and then take no responsibility for the outcome of their safety. It’s time to drill to root cause and prevent horrible scenarios like this. I believe several people have fallen into the harbor in that past few years… don’t you think that it’d be time to set up surveillance cameras so that incidents can at least be veiwed? 1) The police need to be more responsive to missing person claims and start searching areas well in advance of 24 hours. 2) there need to be surveillance cameras on the boston harbor perimeter to track safety of Boston residents – at least as a record to trace to should a suspicious event occur (not just for missing persons, but for possible terrorist attacks, illegal smuggling, etc) 3) Bars need to start being held accountable for overserving young people and then turning them out without any idea of how they will safely return to their homes. Haven’t bartenders been held responsible when a patron leaves, drives drunks and kills someone? I see no difference if they’re kicked out and harm comes to them because they were intoxicated.

    1. Come on, the drinking age is 21 with the expectation that you are an adult. In a busy bar you can’t monitor each patron and know their particular tolerance to alcohol or know how much they have consumed before they came in. You can’t tell that they are “over served” until they do something obvious or irrational. I have never shut off a customer and had them thank me for it. Normally they demand more, vehemently. At which point you get them to leave, because they are bothering the patrons who aren’t being a nuisance. The law making bar owners responsible for someone who drives is meant to protect others from a drunk driver. This is impossible to enforce in Boston because people tend to park in a public spot and it is hard to determine who last served them. But the term “over served” is just a poor term for no self-accountability. Besides, you can just as easily over serve yourself at home or at someone else’s home and have the same thing happen.

  6. and his friends? why didn’t one of them at least go with him when he got booted out of the club? what ever happened to that old saying we go in as a group and leave as a group..i hope to god that hes just has amnesia and is ok.. god watch over him and give his family some hope.

    1. From what I have gathered, his friends were unaware he was booted out. It seems after he had not retuned from the mens rooms, 10 minutes after he went there, his friends did inquire and were told he was booted, they went outside, but he was nowhere to be seen.

  7. The story I heard was that there were quite a few people at the Market who knew the missing man and were celebrating his birthday with him. Also, due to the various floors and sections of the bar, it was difficult for the people he came with to immediately determine he was no longer in the bar. As soon as they found out, they left and searched for him for most of the night and the next day. They reported him missing right away. According to the facebook page, there was at least one eye witness who came forth after seeing Eric. Surely there must be videos to be checked in the area. I am wondering why the media is not updating this story. It has been over a week and there is nothing new reported. Maybe the police do not want to compromise their investigation… I just hope they haven’t given up. C’mon news stations… get on this!!!!

  8. Speaking of the media not updating this story, it reminds me of the story from about 1.5 years ago. Remember the kid who was found unconscious and bloodied in the Financial District back in the fall of 2012? I think it may have been around Milk Street. He was found on a Saturday or Sunday morning, after having been out with friends the night before. He had pretty bad head injuries. Originally, they reported that he fell. But then, it came out that the head injuries were pretty severe and it was obvious he must’ve been in a fight of some sort. Well, since then, nothing. I have looked for updates on this case every so often, never anything. Someone (probably multiple people) out there knows that they beat some poor kid to death and then just left him to die. And 1.5 years later, they’re still walking around, God knows how many more people they’ve jumped and attacked since then? What the hell is wrong with people? Sad.

    1. Or how about the Boston College student last year, who left a bar, went missing for several days and found in the river. There have been a number of young college aged or older men who disappear following a night out in Boston and later found dead in water. Another one who went missing a few yrs back, he left his wife or girlfriend in the hotel to go out for smoke, never returned and missing for days then found him in the harbor….hmmm all coincidences or something very sinister. Too many of the same MO involving young males????

      1. William Hurley 10/09 missing, drowned Boston,
        Eugene Losik 2/10, smoking, missing, drowned, Boston,
        Jonathan Dailey 10/12 Bruins game, missing, drowned,
        Sunil Tripathi 4/13 missing drowned, Providence,
        Franco Garcia 4/12 missing drowned BC student

  9. The common denominator in these tragic deaths is overindugence in alcohol. Look at the number of young students & young people who have been killed falling off roofs or have walked or fell off a subway platform into the pit.

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