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Commercial Street Redesign with Cycle Track Presented by City Officials [Video]


This video shows the third meeting, held on January 28, 2014, regarding the redesign of Commercial Street and part of Atlantic Avenue to incorporate a dedicated bicycle “cycle track” from Cross Street to Charter Street in the North End / Waterfront. The main feature of the cycle track is to elevate the bike lane to be flush with the sidewalk level, away from vehicle traffic creating a more family friendly experience for cyclists.

Under the current design, there will be no loss of on-street parking and the three travel lanes will remain the same with the conventional bike lanes removed from the roadway. The row of parked cars on the waterfront side of the street will be shifted into the road to make room for the cycle track.

Traffic signals are expected to be coordinated along the route and special bike signals added to encourage cyclists to abide by the rules of the road. In addition to using a different material, the cycle track will be separated from the pedestrian sidewalk by street furniture including a grooved concrete strip, light poles and trees.

Pedestrian ramps are expected to be reconstructed and most trees will remain in place with some being replaced or moved. Signage will be installed at driveways along the route and Public Works is expected to clear the track of snow in the winter. Officials are also looking into replacing the highway-style street lights with acorn lights similar to those being installed elsewhere in the North End.

Outstanding issues and questions raised at the meeting included Segway use, delivery trucks and general traffic concerns.

Additional meetings are expected as design plans are finalized. Planners are working toward a final design for approval by May 2014 based on funding deadlines. More information and meeting slides are posted on the website.

Bike Trail Map for Connect Historic Boston. Outlined in purple lines is the North End cycle track section. (CHB Image)