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Piccola Venezia Closes Its Doors on Hanover Street

Photo: @PatrickMBoston on Twitter


After weeks of speculation, a note appeared on the closed doors of Piccola Venezia at 263 Hanover Street this weekend.

After 32 years we have closed our doors. Thank you to all our loyal customers over the years.

The space is rumored to be an expansion by the adjacent Modern Pastry Shop, according to Boston Restaurant Talk.


21 Replies to “Piccola Venezia Closes Its Doors on Hanover Street

  1. I think it is a great idea that Modern is taking over this space, they always had the Best Pastry in
    the North End. Good Luck & God Bless them.

  2. After thirty two years of business a magic marker note of thanks tapped to the door to its customers?

    1. Umm what would you like a free meal? Clearly they aren’t happy they have to close their doors…have a heart Will

      1. And what makes you think they HAD to close the restaurant? The owners of Piccolo Venezia own the building so I do not think the landlord forced them out. Maybe after 32 years they decided to do something different. LIke retire

  3. hanover street is poised for some big changes in the coming year — in the last year we’ve seen quite a bit change (i.e. pinkberry, thinking cup). At least this is a local business that is growing and not just leasing it’s space to another 7-11!!!

  4. It is more than Hanover Street that has been poisoned. I wish that our only problems were
    just chain businesses opening on Hanover St., the North End is filthy, and Hanover St. is probably
    the cleanest street in the No. End

  5. Oh! This is so sad. I visited Boston all the way from Dallas, Tx for the first time last November and still have such fond memories of Piccola Venezia. As a matter of fact, I had the pleasure of meeting/talking with the wonderful staff. I remember warming up to a nice cappuccino from the chilly afternoon after walking the North End harborwalk, and I had even my picture taken outside of the restaurant’s beautiful Christmas decorated storefront! Next to Mike’s Pastry’s, Venezia’s seemed to be quite a popular go-to- place for tourists! I’ll definitely will miss going on my next visit to Boston! 🙁

  6. ALICIA, Do not feel bad, if Modern takes over this space, which I hope they do, you will enjoy
    Modern better than Mike’s and the people in Modern are the original people who
    built this business, Mike’s first family, who originally built this Empire are all dead,
    except for his Daughter Diane, Sister Rosalie, Brother Ralph. I think it would be
    great if Modern can get Mike’s original Empire Builders in the New Modern, what an
    asset they would be.

    Also, if you want great restaurants in the area, which are far superior than Piccolo,
    try, Bricco, which is down the street from Modern, and the VERY BEST RESTAURANT
    AND MY ALL TIME FAVORITE IS “Limoncello”, which is located at North Square.
    The Food & Staff are outstanding, both of these recommendations are more money
    than Piccolo, but what a difference in Quality. Limoncello’s is Family owned &
    operated, there are all Italians in the kitchen, which is another rarity in the No. End
    and I don’t think you will be disappointed at all.

  7. RICKY I am really happy Limoncello’s is skewed toward the American Palate, because I was not that
    fond of the food I had in Italy, and I have been from the Northern to the Southern parts of
    Italy. The cold cuts & pastry were outstanding, , as far as the food, I had one great sauce,
    gravy, as we know it, and that was in Pompeii. Believe it or not, the best Italian food
    I had was in Berlin, Germany, who had Italians cooking in their kitchens.

    Everyone has different taste, and for me Limoncello’s is the Best in the North End, and
    Toscano’s in Beacon Hill & Rino’s in East Boston, all different & specializing in
    different dishes.

    1. Good points Ricky. I agree with you on Toscano’s and Rino’s, they are both really great.
      Although calling it “gravy” I think hurts your credibility a bit 🙂

  8. Well Ricky . lots of older italians/ Italian/ Americans will say your are mistaken ! if it;s made with meat / jusices it;s A Gravey plain and simple Its A tomato Gravey . As all n.eneders called it YOU put sauce on ice cream called claritt Sauce

    1. It can go either way. No one loses credibility for calling it gravy. I know many many Italians that call it gravy.

  9. Growing up in the North End I remember everyone called it gravy & North Enders/Italians never used the term Italian slush they called it lemonade.

    1. You sure are right “gravy” & “lemonade”. The best restaurant is in my kitchen, and for the North End the
      the Modern is the best. I thought Limoncello’s and Toscano’s were ok.

  10. 22 years ago after a fabulous meal at La Piccola Venezia, my husband and I took a walk to Columbus Park and, spur of the moment, got engaged. I looked it up a few weeks ago and decided to settle on Boston for a 50th birthday trip, specifically to take our 3 kids out to dinner there 🙁

  11. Hi Debbie. .came into Boston today to uae our $100 gift certificate and no restaurant. Shocked & really bumbed out…

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