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Moving Week Aftermath – Trash Pile Photos

The photos continue to come in about piles (and piles) of moving-related trash on the North End streets.

Here is how upper Hanover Street looked, shown in the first three photos as captured by Matt Black who says, “that poor couch.” He also finds 3 U-Hauls (actual) in a row.

Meanwhile on Fleet Street, Mary Marenghi was walking four kids on their first day of school and had to steer them around this growing pile of (un-flattened) boxes that was as high as the awning on La Summa!

Trash Blocking Fleet St - By Mary M Trash pile on Fleet - by Mary M

Here was the scene on North Bennet Street … mattress blockades! (Photos by Susan Venezia)

6 Replies to “Moving Week Aftermath – Trash Pile Photos

      1. Boston is well known for its colleges – are we all in agreement here? The City of Boston should have in place an inspectional services group traversing all areas of the city where students are moving in or out. As trash is being left on city sidewalks by these students, fines should be levied upon those who are putting out the trash illegally. Also, the city should monitor the North End a bit more to catch those persons who are NOT students and who are leaving their trash on a daily basis all over the neighborhood.

        The North End has been plagued with rubbish for many years and it has to stop. The photos being posted all over this website are unnerving to see. Go after the landlords who allow this and hit them with hefty fines if their tenants leave rubbish on the sidewalk illegally.

  1. Zero respect. There’s a difference between these children and the normal folks that come here to live and stay awhile. These disrespectful punks will be gone by May, leaving a trail of trash, beer bottles, and serious ill will in their wake.

    Get ready, it’s going to be a long school year.

  2. it is starting to look like the outskirts of naples.. i know many people came from naples to the north end but kept the north end spotless.. as small and cramped we were the whole buildings from roof to bottom stairs got swept and washed including outside steps and sidewalks.. we sweep our gutters also..this is disgusting .. maybe the landlords should rent a dumpster for the weekend they can pitch in and then the trash can get out of there..

  3. Who are the landlords and why are they not present and clawing back rent deposits to pay for a dumpster? This is outrageous.

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