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“Chasing Life” Television Series Filming in North End on October 9, 2013 – Parking & Traffic Notice

Bike Cab During Filming of pilot “Terminales,” now “Chasing Life” – December 2012 (NEWF Photo)

Right Coast Productions has announced the filming of television scenes in the North End to be used in the new ABC Family Series, “Chasing Life.” The pilot was filmed in Boston last November & December under the name “Terminales”. The show revolves around April, an ambitious young journalist who tries to balance her career with her family. She lives with her widowed mother, her younger, rebellious sister and her grandmother. Her professional and romantic life is just starting to take off when she gets news she has a rare type of cancer.

North End filming will begin on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 about 8:00 a.m. through dusk.

Filming locations include:

  • North Square at about 8:30 a.m. (after school is in session). Scenes will include filming 2 characters walking and talking in the square. This filming will not take up any parking spaces.
  • On Salem Street about 11:00 a.m., the lead character will be filmed walking down Salem Street near Parmenter talking on her cell phone. No parking vehicles will need to be moved during this scene either. The filming camera will either be hand held, or on a Steady-cam.
  • The third set up will be on Salem Street in front of Neptune Oyster starting at about 2 – 3 pm. In this shot, there will be 2 characters walking down the street from Cross St. & stopping at the restaurant. In this scene, 5 – 6 parked cars will need to be moved for filming here. The street will not be closed, but may have intermittent holds.

There will also be two other exterior establishing shots of buildings that will be filmed both day and night. This will involve 3 – 4 people with the camera, no lights, no moving of cars. One is on Salem near Prince Street & the other will be either on Cooper Street or North Street past North Square.

The production will park their own vehicles on the other side of the Greenway near Haymarket to avoid taking up resident parking. They have been speaking with the shops and restaurants in the areas that might be affected. A permit is being sought from the the City of Boston including a police detail.

Contact information is shown below for any questions or concerns.

Karen Stark
Location Manager + Scout
Right Coast Locations
617 834 7542