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Fight on Commercial Street Gets Out of Hand on Saturday Night

A fight on Commercial Street got out of hand on Saturday night when a male victim was seen entering an ambulance by stretcher and another male taken by Boston Police. The incident occurred around midnight and Boston Police were on the scene for over an hour near the Hanover Street intersection by 7-Eleven, according to witnesses. One neighbor said the victim’s face was bloodied and there was a shirt found on the street soaked in blood. Others noted that the incident may have been related to crowds of young people gathering at Langone Park and the Puopolo ball fields. The photos below were sent in by a neighbor and show the scene when Boston Police arrived.

6/10/13 Update: A preliminary police report cites the victim as a 37 year old Hanover Street resident who remains at Mass. General Hospital in serious condition. The incident was called in at 12:33 am. There is no current suspect, but police have interviewed several people and continue to investigate the incident.

6 Replies to “Fight on Commercial Street Gets Out of Hand on Saturday Night

  1. Off to a great start this summer. I hope the police have enough resources to keep the people in parks safe during the summer evenings.

  2. Just want to bring the attention to the fact that one of the kids in these pics was an innocent by stander that went to see what happened when some cops asked where he was from they then made him go to the station even though he just arrived there after the ambulance and cops did….these pictures make him look like he was involved further and our family is not pleased. Show pictures of the person/persons that were directly involved.

    1. Kelly – Feel free to contact me directly at info@northendwaterfront.com. I don’t know which photo you are referring to. The photos were intended to show the general crime scene and several people are shown mulling around, possible witnesses, certainly not intending to accuse anyone of anything. Thanks, Matt

  3. It’s shocking it took this long for somebody to need an ambulance. People have been screaming threats and getting into brawls outside my apartment until 2 or 3 am every weekend night since mid-May. I’ve gotten used to the low-level lawlessness but it does make the neighborhood really hellish to live in.

  4. As a parent in the neighborhood, it concerns me to see so many fairly young teenagers out drinking and fighting on weekend nights. Where do their parents think these kids are? Is this behavior okay with the parents? What can we do as a community to make this behavior stop? It’s not good for the kids, it’s not good for our community.

    I hope the man who was hurt is okay, and those responsible for his injuries will be held accountable. Matt, we’d appreciate any updates on his condition.

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