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Richmond Street Dog Run and Park Opens After Renovation

Dogs and their owners run around in the newly renovated dog park on Richmond Street.

North End dog owners are rejoicing at the opening of the renovated dog run and park on Richmond Street adjacent to the Callahan Tunnel ramp. The new layout was designed to be easier to maintain without all the mud, trash and blight issues of the park’s former condition. Owned by the State, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) recently completed the facelift adding new paving, gravel, fencing, flowering plants, a trash barrel and cleaning equipment.

North End Responsible Urbanites for Fido (RUFF) and MassDOT have coordinated a plan to keep the dog poop bags on site. A couple of handy brooms and pick up shovels are also on hand for those willing to help out. When we stopped by, we found dog advocate Emilia “Emy” Mahfood already doing her share by sweeping the gravel back into its proper place.

The gated long stretch of open space has never been officially designated a dog park, but has fulfilled that function for several years. It remains the only park in the North End where dogs can run unleashed. RUFF is working with city, state and Greenway officials to establish more dog friendly spaces in the North End / Waterfront area.

Richmond Street Dog Park After Renovation
A responsible dog owner, Emelia “Emy” Mahfood, helps keep the park clean.

Photos by Matt Conti.

11 Replies to “Richmond Street Dog Run and Park Opens After Renovation

  1. Maybe the so-called responsible dog owners will keep their dogs out of the Puopolo park – it’s about time!!

    1. Please try to remember that most try to do the right thing with their pups. My daughter and her Cockapoo are very happy to have a spot for him to run and exercise. It is always a wonderful thing when people step forward and make things better. So nice.
      Sad that people helping have to get negative responses, as if they are in charge of all dogs and their owners. I applaud those that helped make this happen and will hope all that use this pretty spot help to keep it nice.

  2. That is funny, that it is the only park where dogs are unleashed! I am so disgusted with the free running dogs at Columbus Park. There isn’t a chance of picnics there.
    I have only had extremely rude responses from dog owners when I ask nicely if they could leash their dog.
    I guess it is a start!

  3. Hi! I am the person in the photo who was sweeping the Richmond street park when mr conti happened by. It makes me sad to hear negative comments such as those left by the readers. All I can say is try not to judge the many by the few. Come to a RUFF mtg at the Nazzarro center and you will see some of the many who try to do the right thing, who respect the leash and poop scoop laws and who do everything they can think of to do change the behaviors of the few disrespectful ones out there and they annoy us just as much as they do the rest of the community. Try as we might, we simply cannot control their actions and we are trying to find out who these folks are so that we can educate them and hopefully help them to understand that their actions are making it hard for the many responsible and loving dog owners that live in this amazing community we all call home!

  4. Park looks beautiful and it is too bad that all dog owners can’t be more responsible but that is never going to happen. I notice Battery St. is particularly gross.

  5. Dogs in the greenway, dogs in the parks, it’s GOT TO STOP! Can’t someone start issuing tickets? The parks are for people. However, it is great to see responsible owners and I applaud those who take their dogs to the proper park – not the Gassy, or elsewhere.

    1. Yes, let’s just segregate the dog owners to the one tiny park YOU think they should be allowed. You clearly just have an issue with dogs in general (maybe you were bitten as a small impressionable child, I don’t know). I’m glad they opened this park but it really isn’t enough.
      And by the way, the dogs don’t take themselves to the park. It’s the PEOPLE using the park with their dogs

      1. i have no issue with dog owners (presumably they are humans) using parks that are explicitly for humans. the problem is that the Columbus Park and the Greenway are getting destroyed by dog urine and feces. it is the irresponsible owners (probably you) that I have a problem with – i love dogs it’s lazy people who let their dogs crap on the street and don’t clean up that kind of stuff that “makes me mad bro”

        1. You do realize that the dogs aren’t banned from Columbus Park or the Greenway, right?

          I can see if you’re strictly complaining about dogs being on the ball fields or other locations where it says “no dogs allowed”…but I don’t get how you’re complaining about dogs being at parks in general. Your argument that those parks (Columbus Park and the Greenway specifically) are “getting destroyed by dog urine and feces” doesn’t make any sense in my mind. Dogs pee and poop on-leash, too.

          I am a responsible dog owner who doesn’t let my dog run around off-leash in areas where it’s not allowed. But, I also enjoy parks WITH my dog on-leash and I will continue to do so.

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