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The Next Phase – Trash on Snow Piles

It was inevitable. The post blizzard trash scene is starting to take place. Bella V. sends in these photos from Sunday night of how trash being tossed in snow piles on Bartlett Place.

Some nice <cough> person thought it was OK to just toss their trash into a snow pile at the end of Bartlett Place. How kind of them, huh? Ugh. According to City of Boston website: “Trash/Recycling: Normal Schedule Monday 2/11. Crews may be working slowly due to wintry conditions. Please clear a space at the curb for crews to safely collect trash/recycling.” I guess this person(s) thought a snow pile was a “clear space.”  🙂

24 Replies to “The Next Phase – Trash on Snow Piles

  1. Did you honestly expect every resident to go on the city website to research this information? Some people whine about everything.

  2. Actually, Jon, why not? If a person has access to the internet (like yourself) then they have access to the information. Unless they are just plain lazy and can’t type in – where it graciously lists this information on the landing page. Besides that, it is common sense not to throw your trash into a big pile of snow thinking the trash collectors are going to climb into snow piles to retrieve trash bags.

    I actually live on this street and find it pathetic that some people can’t put their trash out properly. Happens all the time at Bartlett Pl.

    “Some people whine about everything” – how true, Jon. How true.

  3. Trash aside, I’d like to thank whomever shoveled out the long path all the way down Bartlett for all the residents.


  4. I dunno it’s pretty hard to clear spots for every bag. As long as its visible and easily picked up I’m fine with it.

  5. What are the rules w/reserving spots w/cones? I spent 3 hours clearing out my car on Saturday too, but street spots are not personal property. Is there a grace period?

    1. old timers can use cones year round becuase they feel entitled. i believe it is two days after a snow emergency for the rest of us.

  6. Ya know < for everyone ! like its A Major snow fall here , Ya just have to let some time pass , where are all lucky it came now where the sun is high and will melt down faster than you my think, Just life in a congested city , better things are just around the conner.

  7. old timers have “lifelong resident” entitlements if you can’t get used to it MOVE OUT!!!!

    1. That is that exact attitude that turns everyone off!! I mean I’d take a little trash problem over the stabbings and shootings that occur in other neighborhoods. Maybe everyone should think about that before everyone has a heart attack complaining about some trash

      1. the hood was much better in the old day with stabbings and shootings it kept all you do gooders away….

    2. gladly. beyond commerical and fulton streets, the north end isn’t that desirable of a neighborhood. for most of us, it is the least expensive option for downtown living. we would much rather live in the south end, back bay, beacon hill. the north end is much like brighton, just a tour of duty to get to better places.

      1. The North End is unparalled. South End you live next to project building after project building. There is some serious violent crime there every year – just last year a guy was killed on a busy part of Tremont street just off restaurant row.

        The North End’s history, people, restaurants, parks, and location make it the best neighborhood in the city.

      2. I hear the seaport district is a less expensive yuppie haven. You should move there…preferably soon.

  8. the waterfront, fulton st. commerical are all part of the North End , to infer a person or a section of a neighborhood is more desirable because of personnel income and/ or the expense of renting or owning is at best offensive This attitude shows complete lack of character and a perceived entitlement based on income.

    1. i never mentioned income or rental/sales costs. these two streets are desirable because the buildings are attractive and well maintained and the streets have actual mature trees on them. for example, the buildings on these streets have nice front residential front doors that show someone actually cares whereas much of the north end has shoddy doors that look like they belong on a sullivan tire retail building. you may think this is a ridiculous comment and a trivial matter, but think abou it next time you walk around the neighborhood. i don’t know the statisics, but i am guessing these two streets have a much higher perecentage of owner-occupied units with people not stuck in 1980s and earlier.

  9. @ lifelongresident.

    if you don’t like the newcomers maybe YOU should move out!! out with the old and in with the new!!!

  10. Can we get someone to please remove the snow from the sidewalk in front of the parking lot on Salem Street between Pasta e Pomodoro and Noyes Place? It is absurd that the owners of that parking lot have no problem plowing out the parking lot but don’t shoulder their responsibility to clear the sidewalk in front of their property!!!!!

    1. Call the mayor’s hotline 617-635-4500. I think whoever owns the parking lot is responsible for that sidewalk. Not sure if it is still the guy who owned Napoli Pastry.

      1. It was never the guy who owned Napoli Pastry. It was the guy who owned the butcher shop and he died about 5 or 6 years ago. The property was sold to a guy who does not live in the North End.

  11. Sorry if I’m not a life long resident- not all the newer people who move in don’t respect the neighborhood. But why should I have to drive around for an hour plus or pay for a garage and lug my groceries across town if I try to get home earlier than someone using the excuse of a storm a week ago to have a spot & come & go any time they please. And god forbid you remove the illegal spot holders to your get tires slashed

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