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Falling Icicles Break Car Window on North Bennet Street

Falling icicles broke this car window Sunday afternoon on North Bennet Street, according to witnesses that saw the incident. The above freezing temperatures melted snow and ice on the North End’s buildings causing hazardous conditions on sidewalks and streets. The icicles reportedly fell from the North Bennet Street School building near the corner of Salem Street. No injuries were reported.

(Photos by Matt Conti)

3 Replies to “Falling Icicles Break Car Window on North Bennet Street

  1. years ago when i was ittle ..there was a kid who was a fantastic sportsmen.. he got hit from a iceicle from the north bennet st school.. and got parylized on one side.. and my parents always told me to look when i was going in there..(we had a after school club) because of that reason.. it has always been dangerous there ..

  2. Wonderful Matt,

    Thank you for all you do for our neighbood and noticing Oskar, our VW Bug. Lennart had just removed the snow a short time before the ice fell. Thank the Lord, Chris

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