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St. Lucy Society Celebrates Christmas and Donates to Nazzaro Center

The Saint Lucy Society held their annual Christmas party on Saturday with a large group gathering at the Saint Anthony’s Club on Endicott Street. The highlight of the event was a $750 check presentation by the society to the Nazzaro Center in the North End. Staff and volunteers from the Nazzaro Center said they very much appreciated the generous donation as well as the food contributions for the kids.

The St. Lucy Society is a non-profit, religious organization founded in 1921 by Italian women immigrants in the North End. They are dedicated to perpetuating the memory and devotion of their patron, Santa Lucia, by organizing an annual one day celebration in her honor on the Monday following Saint Anthony’s Feast at the end of August. In addition, the Saint Lucy Society donates thousands of dollars to charities, organizes food and clothing drives for worthy causes and is a vital part of the North End Community. Find out more at their website.

Check out the videos and photos from this year’s St. Lucy’s Feast.

Saint Lucy Society – Photo by Nick Verrocchi


Nazzaro Center Crew shows off the check from the Saint Lucy Society


St Lucy Christmas Party – 2012


Laurie, Darlene and Nick
St Lucy Christmas Party – 2012


Nazzaro Center Band – Photo by Laurie D’Elia


Karel and Marie Simboli


St Lucy Christmas Party – 2012


Eryn, Michael and Elena

Photos by Matt Conti, except as otherwise noted.