Plant Thousands of Daffodil Bulbs on the North End Greenway Parks … Check!

The daffodil bulbs are planted, approximately 10,000 in total! Whew, I feel tired just writing that. So, imagine how tired all the volunteers are that put in the hard work to create an amazing display come Spring 2013.

It was truly a group effort with the Friends of the North End Parks and the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy collaborating with several networks of volunteers, including 27 kids from the North End’s Eliot School. The plantings took place over Friday and Saturday, with a mix of master gardeners and those who planted their first bulb ever.

The Friends of The North End Parks thanked the generous donors and the assistance of Brent & Becky Bulbs, the top daffodil grower in the country. In addition to the students from The Eliot School, participants included the Seaport Academy, Master Gardeners, North End residents and Greenway Gardens volunteers.

The Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy provided the tools, gloves, and kneelers. Several RFKGC staff members were on hand to help the Friends group.  Boston Common Coffee and Maria’s Pastry provided coffee and pastries to sustain the volunteer gardeners. ReMax on Cross Street also stored the bulbs. Special thanks to Jorge Mendoza from Monica’s for helping to fund the bulbs and to Nancy Caruso for her untiring contributions to the North End Greenway parks.

In addition to the Greenway’s North End Parks, the Friends shared their bounty of bulbs with the Eliot School for their own garden. FOTNEP is also donating 800 daffodil bulbs and 500 crocus bulbs to the Greenway Conservancy to be planted elsewhere on the Greenway.

FOTNEP isn’t stopping with just the daffodils, according to FOTNEP organizer Dorothy Keville. Conservancy staff and FOTNEP horticulture members plan to meet regarding 2,000 perennials and establish a process for planting in the Spring. The goal is to add four season color to enliven the North End Parks.

FOTNEP is seeking to extend its membership to all who are interested. The next meeting is Wednesday, November 7, 6:30 pm at the Mariner’s House, 11 North Square. Donations are also welcome, and encouraged.  FOTNEP collaborates with The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy to enhance the horticulture on the North End Parks on the Greenway.

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  1. Thank you, Matt, for adding to your original post recognition of the immense support provided by Jorge Mendoza and Nancy Caruso to the successful daffodil planting program. Jorge, the Mendoza family and their Monica’s restaurants and shop made a very substantial contribution to the cost of the 10,000 bulbs ordered by the Friends of the North End Parks (FOTNEP). Even more so, when Jorge heard of FOTNEP’s plans and vision for the parks only weeks ago, without hesitation he was and continues to be an eloquent and unequivocal supporter of the community’s efforts to bring greater care and beauty to our community open spaces.

    And there’s Nancy Caruso. As in everything else she has done for the North End over decades of the Big Dig and the creation of the North End Parks along the Greenway, Nancy has continued to be a strong and fearless advocate for the community, holding responsible parties to the commitments that were made to this neighborhood for beauitiful and comfortable parks after decades of construction impacts.

    FOTNEP is also grateful to Stephen Passacantilli and the North End Beautification Committee for their support for the daffodil program and for FOTNEP’s long-term plans for improving the horticulture of the parks. Stephen has been a terrific and effective advocate. Last and certainly not least among the North End residents who made the daffodil program successful is Dorothy Keville, who volunteered to be FOTNEP’s liaison to the Greenway Conservancy and spent many hours planning and organizing the daffodil program. Special thanks also go out to the horticultural experts that have helped FOTNEP every step of the way, including non-North End residents Diane Valle, Joe Kunkel and Barbara Emerson, who have provided the technical resources and know-how and have fostered a horticultural fervor for bringing world-class gardens to our wonderful parks. We look forward to working with all of these good friends as we expand the horticultural improvements to the North End Parks.

    David Kubiak, Secretary

    1. Watching the dynamics, that preceeded the planting of the
      10,000 daffodil bulbs, on Parcels 8 & 10, unfold has been a truely incredible experience. Proof positive the Power of Persistence, Passion and Determination.

      Thanks, David and Matt for acknowledging the tireless efforts and talents that made The Planting Weekend possible.

      Positive change is in the air and will be evident when these bulbs bloom. They will be a magnificent reminder of a weekend that united neighbors, forged new collaborations and added a very visable and beautiful source of pride for the North End.
      Can’t wait!

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