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Monday Night Mugging in North End

A woman was robbed Monday night, around 9:30pm, on Richmond Street while walking toward Commercial Street with another woman. According to the Boston Police report, two males were walking in front of the women when a female behind them grabbed the victim’s purse. The suspects were identified as in their late teens/early 20’s and dark-skinned, black or hispanic. After purse snatch, the suspects ran toward Atlantic Avenue. The victim, a North End resident, was not physically harmed. She later found the purse with $200 missing in the area around the Golden Goose.

3 Replies to “Monday Night Mugging in North End

  1. We need cameras in this neighborhood. Rash of car windows smashed last week on Charter St. as well.

  2. There is no law nor fear anymore in the North End. Committees are not going to help. Where are all these folks in these clubs in the North End? Why don’t all these guys do something with the outside punks and some inside punks. The Police are all over the place tagging, but never on patrol. You can’t tell the outsiders anymore, the North End will turn into another Boston neighborhood.

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